Letter from our CEO

Dear Traveller,

At Andante, we are driven by a passion for archaeology - an enduring fascination for people and the past. Founded 30 years ago and run by archaeologists, Andante remains unique among travel companies - putting archaeology at the heart of everything we do. Others have followed in our footsteps, but while they may cherry-pick the 'best of' the ancient world, nobody else puts archaeology at the heart of everything they do. 

Dougga Theatre, Tunisia

Within this website you will find journeys exploring almost every corner of the ancient world - on the hunt for that spine-tingling thrill you can only get from standing where history was made. You can see it in every tour we offer: expertise, integrity, enthusiasm and attention to detail positively leap off the pages of this brochure! And this care extends to every aspect of our holidays - from the choice of hotel to finding the perfect picnic spot...nothing is off the shelf. Nowhere else can you find such an incredible range of holidays; enjoy special access to some of the greatest sites and museums in the world; or have history brought to life by specialist guides who are leaders in their fields - at the absolutely cutting edge of archaeology and history today.

We do everything we can to ensure value for money. Many of our tours are fully-inclusive and, where possible, prices have been held at the same rate as last year.

We offer over 120 tours - whether you are looking for classical journeys amongst the marble columns of Greece and Rome, or a jungle adventure in Belize and Guatemala. However far-flung or close to home the destination, our ethos remains the same: a real holiday, led by an expert scholar, where every day is spent in good company, amid beautiful landscapes, uncovering the stuff of past lives.

We look forward to welcoming you in 2017.

Ian Finlay

Ian Finlay

CEO, Andante Travels