Tour FAQs

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Everything you need to know when travelling with Andante. And if you have any further questions please do contact our team of highly-trained Tour Adminstrators at tours@andantetravels.com

What level of knowledge do I need?

None! All you need to enjoy an Andante holiday is enthusiasm. All sorts of people travel with us - from experts to amateurs to the merely curious!

Are your tours suitable for single travellers?
Very much so, we have single places available on all our tours and these are often the first to fill. Many friendships (and even the occasional romance) have been formed on tour over the years!

Will I get a chance to experience the local culture?
We do our best to search out and take advantage of everything a country has to offer. If we can, we take advantage of a local festival, market or an invitation to a current excavation.

Can you arrange different flights for me?
Certainly, if you wish to fly out early or stay a few extra days after a tour and we can book flights accordingly. We do charge a modest administration fee for this service.

Do you accept late bookings?
We try to accommodate last minute bookings if at all possible. However, bear in mind there may be extra to pay for flights and hotels if you book within 12 weeks of departure. We do recommend booking early if you can.

Do you organise Visas?
Unfortunately not, however should they require a letter of invitation from the country they are visiting we will organise this for them and provide instructions on how to apply for the visa but as most visa application need either biometric data or personal information, it will be the guest responsibility to organise their visa.

How much spending money should I take?
We always try to include as much as possible on our tours, so generally, you shouldn't need much extra money. We do have the occasional independent meal and you may need a little extra for drinks.

Will I receive any financial protection when I book?
All our holidays are fully bonded and protected via the Civil Aviation Authority's ATOL scheme (flight based holidays) or through ABTOT (for holidays which do not include a flight).

Why is travel insurance mandatory on your holiday? 
We have a duty of care for all of guests and we must ensure that all of our guests are covered for any necessary medical issues or repatriation needs as unfortunately we will not be able cover these costs or access your personal funds. Your insurance will also cover you in the event you have to cancel your holiday.

Will there be a member of Andante staff on hand at all times?
When you travel with us, you will be looked after around the clock. In the event of an emergency, Andante staff will be on hand to help you both on tour and from our office in the UK. We are experts in dealing with the unexpected and provide a 24-hour emergency number on all tours.

How active are Andante tours?
All of our tours are physically active and they are carefully planned to minimise the amount of time spent on the road. If there are long journeys, we make sure we find rest-stops or sites to visit en route. Archaeological sites are often in wonderful and out of the way places.

What type of person goes on an Andante holiday?
Andante Travellers are interesting, intelligent people leading all manner of different lives. We aim to create an easy and informal atmosphere so you feel that you are travelling with friends. After all, if you like this sort of holiday, you will be travelling with others who do too!

Where do we eat on an Andante tour?
Wherever possible, we eat out in local restaurants and, in Europe, often provide wine with dinner. From feasting in style at the top of the Reichstag to picnicking under a plane tree, we make the most of good local food.

Do you have a dress code for dinner? 
We have no strict dress code for many of our dinners and we encourage our guests to wear whatever they feel comfortable in. Should a specific dinner/event require a dress code, we will inform you of this in your final travel documents.

Is there a religious dress code?
Should we visit a country where a religious dress code is required I.e a head scarf in a mosque. Again we will inform you in your final documentation. In any event, we will always respect the religious culture of the country we are visiti

What is included in the price of the tour?
We include as much as possible in the tour price: flights, accommodation, tips, entrance to all sites in the programme.

Does Andante do anything to ensure that it is a sustainable company?
We work hard to ensure our visits have a positive impact on the ancient places we go to. We have consistently been awarded the top 5-star rating by AITO in recognition of our excellence when it comes to sustainable travel.