Andante's Christmas Gift Guide - Books

If you're starting to think about Christmas shopping, we have a few book recommendations that may delight any ancient-world enthusiast. Read on to discover our top picks for the holidays. 

1) A copy of the latest book from Dr Marc Morris

Our expert Guide Lecturer Dr Marc Morris recently made BBC History Magazine's Books of the Year list with his latest offering, The Anglo-Saxons: A History of the Beginnings of England. Described by Dan Snow as "an absolute masterpiece, this book traces six centuries of Anglo-Saxon dominance and is a fascinating read. To purchase a copy, click here now.

2) Neil Faulkner's new book

Another book, again included on BBC History's Books of the Year list, and this time from our expert Guide Lecturer Neil Faulkner. Empire and Jihad: The Anglo-Arab Wars of 1870-1920 is described as "a panoramic, provocative account of the clash between British imperialism and Arab jihadism in Africa between 1870 and 1920. To buy a copy, click here

3) One of Dr Simon Elliott's fantastic books

Dr Simon Elliott's Roman Britain's Missing Legion: What Really Happened to IX Hispana? also made BBC History's Books of the Year list and this offering discusses the mysterious disappearance of the Legio IX Hispana. Buy a copy here

4) Dr Emma J. Wells' wonderful walking book

As practical as it is interesting, Emma's book Pilgrim Routes of the British Isles is everything a keen walker or lover of history might want in a guide with a twist. It will lead you along key medieval walking routes around England, Scotland and Wales, and comes complete with easy-to-follow maps and fascinating commentary. Purchase a copy of this book here

5) A new collection from a range of writers, including one of our guides

If you're a fan of history and Prof. Suzannah Lipscomb, you may be interested in a new collection that has been described as exploring "the vital and urgent questions of how and through whose eyes we interpret history, how the narratives of the past shape the present we live in, and when does it become necessary to rewrite them." That's right, we're talking about What Is History, Now? and you can buy this book here


Rather enjoy a day in the company of our expert Guides?

If you're looking for a more immersive gift, why not join our expert Guide Lecturers on a Study Day next year? We have a fantastic range and they include:

Castles with Dr Marc Morris - A Dover Study Day

What is a castle? On this Study Day, Dr Marc Morris, one of the country’s leading experts on castles, explains everything you need to know in a fascinating day at Dover Castle. Not only are entry, refreshments and lunch at Dover Castle included, the day also includes a copy of Marc's book, Castle.

The Anglo Saxon Agricultural Revolution with Neil Faulkner

This day offers unique access to the archaeological process on one of the most important Anglo-Saxon research projects in Britain. Participants will be taken into the main excavation trench for close-up views of features under excavation, and will also have the opportunity to handle pottery, animal bone, human remains, and small finds. Neil will deliver two in-depth talks – to be hosted in Sedgeford’s medieval church – to provide essential context for understanding the remains.

A Masterpiece in Stone - Salisbury Cathedral with Dr Emma J Wells

Explore the lives, legends and scandals of the people who built this magnificent skyscraper of glass and stone – both up on the pinnacles and down in the crypts. We will also visit Old Sarum, one of the most enthralling and historically important sites in southern England and the original site of Salisbury. 

Roman London - What Lies Beneath with Dr Simon Elliott

Enjoy an introduction to the Roman Gallery of the Museum of London by two people who know the collection best! We will also treat you to special access to the hidden world of Roman London, including Fort Gate, as you go on foot discovering the best of Roman Londinium.

Henry VIII with Hampton Court - with Prof. Suzannah Lipscomb

Trace the stories of Henry’s last four wives through their associations with the palace. On this day, we’ll examine the architecture, visit the kitchens, State Apartments and the Young Henry VIII exhibition to look at the nature of his court and how the palace functioned.



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Andante's Christmas Gift Guide - Books was published on 29 November 2021