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Top Tours of the Past 10 Years: Pompeii

Next up, we have our flagship tour to Pompeii. This tour has been running far longer than just a decade, but it has been finely honed as time has passed and rejuvenated especially for 2020... 

Pompeii, Herculaneum & Classical Campania

Nothing can prepare the modern visitor for a tour of Pompeii and neighbouring Herculaneum. These dramatic seaside towns offer a unique insight into Roman life and exploring them in the company of one of our experts – many of whom have personally excavated there – is a truly unforgettable experience. Our itinerary has been revamped for 2020 and it now includes private access to the Theatre of Herculaneum, private access to the Cave of Sejanus and private access to the Paestum Museum’s store rooms, where you can see Lucanian painted tombs off-limits to members of the public. Elsewhere, visit off-the-beaten-track villas at Stabiae, explore newly-opened houses in Pompeii and Herculaneum, and wander the tunnels of the amphitheatre at Pozzuoli. You’ll also get the chance to hike the crater of Vesuvius and visit the villa of Oplontis.

Multiple departures throughout the year | From £1,945pp.

Dr. Eireann Marshall explains that the itinerary for Pompeii is one that is ever evolving, thanks to the nature of this incredible archaeological site:

“Pompeii has actually changed enormously over the last 10 years. When I first started, there were very few sites open and there was a general air of decrepitude about the site. Now, there really is more of a buzz as many more sites are open. We did used to have private appointments to houses, such as the House of the Prince of Naples and the Ara Massima, whereas now they tend to be freely open. The new exhibit area in the Palaestra in Pompeii is a very good addition: it permanently displays the frescoes from Moregine, as well as everyday carbonised goods, such as food. I would say that the biggest change in Pompeii is the huge swell in tourism. We used to go to the brothel, but I don’t include this on the itinerary anymore because there is a one-way traffic system and it always has huge queues. Cruises didn’t used to go to Pompeii, but they do now and have made visiting the area around the forum, brothel and theatres even harder." 



"On our tour, we spend all day in Pompeii, whereas cruise tourists spend typically an hour and a half on site and they always go to the same places. The other things that have changed on this tour is that we are now spending all day in Herculaneum because it has opened up so many new sites, including 2 new museums. We have also sought to include private access to sites and we are including the Cave of Sejanus, which is another new site, along with the Theatre of Herculaneum and the Store Rooms at Paestum Museum."

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Top Tours of the Past 10 Years: Pompeii was published on 3 January 2020