The Legendary Peloponnese

7th August 2017
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The Peloponnese - where myths and legends come alive.

The Peloponnese

The centre of an ancient world which has captured the imagination of thousands. The magnificent remains stand in the glory of the Ancient Greeks; their philosophies, breakthroughs of early mathematics, architecture &, of course, their mythology - the original Olympians – the Greek Gods.

More than just stories remain when you venture to the Peloponnese on one of our expert-led tours. Explore the most famous of the ancient sites & the not so well-known ones too:

  • The Acropolis with its gleaming marble and warm hues.

  • Agora

  • Delphi

  • Olympia

  • Messene

  • Mistra

  • Argive Heraion - a sanctuary of Hera

  • Nema – where Hercules slew a great mountain lion.

Delphi Greece

Join our Expert Guide, Dr. Rita Roussos, as she traces the story of Ancient Greece from the Bronze Age to Classical glory. The holiday for anyone who has ever dreamed of standing at the starting line of the ancient Olympics, debating with Socrates, or following in the footsteps of Hercules.

Watch our slideshow narrated by Dr. Rita Roussos  

Why not enquire to one of our friendly staff now, or browse our tour page here.

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