Top Tips for a Perfect Pompeii Visit

23rd November 2017
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Are you gearing up to take a trip to Pompeii? Follow our top tips below to get the most out of your visit.

  • Prepare for a long walk – Unsurprisingly for a preserved city, Pompeii is a large and sprawling place. With so much there to see, the chances are you’ll want to be on your feet for at least 3 hours – and ideally the whole day. From the western House of Sallust, to the far-eastern amphitheatre, if you want to stay happy and focused then be prepared: comfortable shoes are a must. When the sun’s out, don’t forget to bring a hat and plenty of suncream, as shady spots are limited
  • Bring a snack – While there is a single restaurant onsite, you haven’t come all this way to queue for paninis. Packing a few choice snacks in your bag will keep you going for longer, while public drinking fountains will stop you dehydrating
  • Look high and low – Pompeii may be a mighty site, but its highlights come in small packages too. Wheel ruts gouged in the cobblestones, ancient scrawled graffiti, secret patches of mosaic… This archaeological mecca is justly famed for its minutiae, so make sure you don’t just focus on the big stuff
  • Avoid the crowds – If you’re taking a Pompeii holiday under your own steam, be aware that the site opens at 8.30am. If you’re up at that time you’ll beat the rush which comes at around 10 o’clock. Alternatively, if you head in after lunch, it’s possible you won’t have to queue at all. Once inside, make the most of the expansive grounds by wandering quieter areas. It’s easy to escape the crowds that cluster around the busiest attractions, and discover a far more private Pompeii – especially with a knowledgeable guide to lead you. On which note…
  • Choose your guide carefully – There are a host of guides, both official and unofficial, on hand to show you around Pompeii, as well as a selection of audio tours. However, if you want to guarantee an enlightening visit, the best option by far is to go with an expert. Our guides at Andante have years of experience in the field, with many having excavated here personally. They know the routes, they know the secrets, and they know how to ensure you have a holiday like no other

Next year, no less than four of our itineraries feature full-day visits to Pompeii. Explore our website for more information, or contact the Andante team for details.

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