10 Best Places to Visit in 2018

5th January 2018
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Now that the New Year is here, are you starting to turn your resolutions into plans? If you added travelling to a new destination to the list, then you’re in luck because there are some truly incredible places in our 2018 calendar that we can take you to…


 Matera, Italy

1. Matera, Italy

The UNESCO World Heritage Site of Matera in Italy is fast becoming a popular destination, partly due to being named the 2019 European Capital of Culture. Here at Andante, however, we are slightly ahead of the trend and have been running a tour that explores this city for a number of years now. Experience the stunning maze of rock-cut dwellings occupied for up to 9,000 years and later Byzantine chapels of Matera while it is still relatively undiscovered!

Book yourself a place on our Basilicata & Calabria tour and see Matera for yourself this year. Prices begin at £2,345.


Havana, Cuba

2. Cuba

A destination that hasn’t been the easiest to travel to over the years for various reasons, Cuba is enjoying something of a tourist resurgence. The country’s vibrant capital, Havana, boasts a heady blend of history, striking street art, brightly coloured buildings and - of course - rich culture. An undeniable arts scene can be found on the stages, in bars and even on the streets here, and it is a destination that should be on everyone’s bucket list.

Experience the incredibly special Havana Ballet Festival, taking place only once every two years, in 2018 with Andante Travels. Prices from £2,950.


Easter Island, Chile

3. Chile

2018 marks 200 years since Chile became independent from Spain and there has never been a better time to visit this remarkable country. From the vast expanse of the Atacama Desert to the enigmatic monoliths that dominate the lush and volcanic Easter Island, these contrasting extremes are truly enchanting.

Join us on an unforgettable exploration of Chile & Easter Island this year or in 2019. From £6,095.


Petra, Jordan

4. Petra, Jordan

Recently named one of the New 7 Wonders of the World, nothing can prepare you for standing before the magnificent rock-cut city of Petra. It’s magnitude, splendour and intricacy are simply spellbinding and the history of this destination is incredible. Climb to the Nabatean ‘High Place’ to enjoy awe-inspiring views over Petra, discover the stories built into the foundations of this archaeological site and be enchanted by this UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Treat yourself to a spot on our Jordan - Petra & the Desert Fortresses tour today. From £2,450.


Northern Peru

5. Northern Peru

Featured in Condé Nast Traveler’s 18 Best Places to Travel in 2018, Northern Peru is a destination we would recommend to everyone. From the largest South American pre-Columbian city of Chan Chan to the 43 metre-high Temple of the Sun, there are many things to discover here.

Join our Northern Peru tour today and discover this beautiful part of the world in May. From £4,850.


St Petersburg, Russia

6. Russia

A country steeped in political intrigue and now preparing to host the 2018 FIFA World Cup, Russia is a destination unlike any other and the coming months provide us with a particularly exciting time to visit. The rich cultural history and heritage of Russia is making this an increasingly popular place to visit, so why not stay ahead of the trend and let us take you on a cultural excursion to remember this year with special access and hands-on experiences you won’t find elsewhere.

Discover the dazzling Palaces and Art of St Petersburg with us in September. From £2,695.



7. Georgia

Making its way into several Best Of 2018 lists already, Georgia charms visitors with a great balance of both tradition and development, and 2018 will see it mark 100 years of declaring independence. Tbilisi, the country’s stunning capital and a location we visit on one of our tours, is growing in popularity thanks to its hospitality, authentic restaurants and history. Recently, it was revealed that prehistoric farmers made wine in the valleys of Georgia as far back as 6000 BC!

Tour Georgia with us this summer and see for yourself why more and more people are flocking there. Prices from £2,370.


Valletta, Malta

8. Valletta, Malta

This year’s European Capital of Culture and home to filming locations for Game of Thrones, Malta’s very own Valletta is a must-see destination. With many restoration programmes underway and with many special events set for 2018 to celebrate its new status, this city - delightfully known as Europe’s sunniest - with its baroque architecture, diverse heritage and interesting archaeological sites is worth the trip.

Enjoy a 7-day tour of Malta & Gozo in October and experience the 2018 European Capital of Culture for yourself! Prices from £2,175.



9. Albania

We have three different tours going to Albania this year because it has so many different things to experience, we couldn’t possibly explore them all with just one trip. From the substantial monuments of the Via Egnatia and the untouched architectural heritage to the untouched natural beauty of this country, there is much to explore. Visit while it remains very much off the mainstream tourist trail!

Browse our range of tours to Albania here. Prices start at £2,050.



10. Egypt

While travel to Egypt may often seem a little unstable, it remains one of our absolute favourite destinations to visit. It’s unrivalled history, phenomenal monuments and jaw-dropping landscapes will never fail to evoke a sense of the sublime. Sail down the Nile on a traditional felucca, enter the inner chamber of the Great Pyramid or take advantage of private access to Cairo’s incredible Egyptian Museum if you visit this majestic country with Andante Travels.

Experience Egypt with us in 2018 and 2019, or join our Marvels of Egypt with Margaret Mountford this coming October. Prices from £2,925.

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