Introducing a Masterpiece in Stone - Salisbury Cathedral

22nd June 2018
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Introducing a Masterpiece in Stone - Salisbury Cathedral

A quintessential English cathedral city, Salisbury has attracted a lot of attention this year for various reasons, but today is a particularly exciting day. 

Not only is the Prince of Wales paying a very special visit to the city in order to show support for its recovery programme, following the poisoning incident that took place on March 4th, but we have unveiled a brand new Study Day that celebrates the area and its incredible history.  

As a local business, Andante and its staff are very fond of Salisbury, and we have created an exciting new Study Day that will showcase our magnificent cathedral in all its glory. 

"A Masterpiece in Stone: Salisbury Cathedral" will take place in 2019 on Friday, August 2nd. Led by Dr. Emma Wells - broadcaster, historian and author - this day-long experience is set against the stunning backdrop of Wiltshire's countryside. 

Old Sarum

Beginning at Old Sarum, one of the most enthralling and historically important sites in southern England and the original site of Salisbury, wander the former royal castle and the remains of the original 11th-century cathedral within the colossal Iron Age fortification. From here, we move on to the “new” cathedral, where we can marvel at the stunning Gothic edifice, exploring the past and the present of this living church.

On this architectural journey, we’ll also tour this 13th-century masterpiece to discover Britain’s tallest spire, with views that have charmed artists and writers alike. It is also home to the largest landscaped cloisters, from which you will access the beautiful Chapter House with its medieval frieze. We’ll entrench ourselves in the minds and lives of the Middle Ages to unravel the extraordinarily short construction of the cathedral which was so intricately laced with the political history of England.

Magna Carta


Encounter the world-famous document that guaranteed our democratic rights: the best preserved of only four original copies of Magna Carta, dating back to 1215.

Explore the lives, legends and scandals of the people who built this magnificent skyscraper of glass and stone – both up on the pinnacles and down in the crypts.

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