It's Independence Day! Join us on an American adventure!

4th July 2018
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It's Independence Day! Join us on an American adventure!

Today marks an important day in American history, Independence Day. On July 4th, 1776, the colonies announced the US Declaration of Independence, making them independent states that were no longer ruled by the British. 

And, for the Transcendentalists among us, Henry David Thoreau moved into his hut (pictured below) beside the serene and beautiful Walden Pond in Massachuetts on this day in 1845. 


If you've never been to America, or if there are places you still want to visit there - let us take you. We have two upcoming tours that offer unique and memorable experiences in very different parts of this magnificent country, and both showcase the diverse history to be found in the USA.

Lincoln centre

New York | Opera, Music & Dance

Is there anywhere in the world that can compare with New York for artistic variety? Join us in Manhattan and delve into its rich performing arts legacy, enjoying a private tour of the iconic Metropolitan Opera House and even an exclusive personal encounter with dancers from the New York City Ballet. We will treat you to a festive performance of Tchaikovsky's The Nutcracker, there'll be time to gaze in awe at the Christmas decorations that adorn the city and you can experience a concert at one of the most prestigious venues on earth, Carnegie Hall. 

Departing on December 13th, 2018 | Click here for more details

The 'Cliff Palace'

Brand new for 2019: Native American Pueblos

The ancestral Pueblos of the American Southwest left us an extraordinary archaeological legacy in their magnificent dwellings, cliff palaces, towers, shrines and petroglyph panels. Spend an evening with an authentic Navajo storyteller, journey to Chaco Canyon and travel by boat along the San Juan river, and stand before well-preserved examples of ancient rock art. Visit the legendary Monument Valley, explore the Canyon de Chelly National Monument in off-road vehicles and more on this unforgettable tour. 

Departing on October 7th, 2019 | Click here for more details

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