10 Photos That Will Make You Want To Visit Egypt

9th July 2018
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10 Photos That Will Make You Want To Visit Egypt

If you're familiar with Andante Travels and the type of tours we run, you'll know that Egypt is a very popular destination of ours. We offer three different tours to this mysterious, unforgettable and captivating country, so why not join us there...

Our Land of the Pharaohs tour is an 11-day adventure that will take you from the inner chambers of the Great Pyramid of Giza to the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, stopping at iconic monuments, tombs and ruins along the way. Not only does this tour offer incredible special access, but it is led by a seasoned Egyptologist, whose knowledge and insight will add a whole new dimension to your experience.

The Solar Boat Museum

1) The Solar Boat Museum

On this tour, we will take you to the Solar Boat Museum, which is home to an original pharaonic ship. 

Giza Plateau

2) The Giza Plateau

Unparalleled experiences await at this iconic location. We have secured exclusive access to the inner chamber of the Great Pyramid, allowing you to explore what's behind the legendary façade.

Meidum Pyramid

3) The Meidum Pyramid

Go a little off the beaten track and stop off at Meidum to see its collapsed three-step pyramid. 

Beni Hasan

4) Beni Hasan

Admire the rock-carved tombs at Beni Hasan, a Middle Bronze Age cemetery carved high in the cliffs overlooking the Nile.

Tell el Amarna

5) Tell el-Amarna

Explore the vast excavations at Tell-el-Amarna, thought to be the most significant city site that survives from ancient Egypt.

Temple of Seti I

6) Temple of Seti I

Visit one of this country's holiest locations, the remarkable Temple of Seti I. Head inside to marvel at its towering columns and vivid hieroglyphs.


7) Temple of Edfu

Step into one Egypt's most magnificently preserved shrines, standing tall at 37 metres. 

Temple of Luxor

8) Temple of Luxor

On the seventh day of this journey, we visit the Temple of Luxor, which boasts an avenue of tall sphinxes, military reliefs and gorgeous papyrus columns. 

9) Ancient ruins of Karnak

Known as the second largest religious site in the world after Angkor Wat, this area is home to the cult temple of Amun-Ra. Chapels, gateways, halls and obelisks stand side by side, and are a sight to behold. 


10) Imhotep Museum

This archaeological museum houses a wealth of enchanting artefacts, ranging from a Ptolemaic mummy that was discovered during the excavation of Pharaoh Teti's pyramid complex to beautiful examples of Egyptian art. 

Interested? Well, you could be packing your bags and joining us there soon! Click here to view the full itinerary or to book your place today. 

Egypt - Land of the Pharaohs

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