Our 4 Best Tours for Foodies

17th August 2018
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A passion for touring new destinations often goes hand-in-hand with falling in love with the food and culture, as our expert guide Rosetta Ferrari will happily tell you.

Read below for Rosetta's take on what makes our range of food and archaeology tours unforgettable and enriching feasts for the senses – from authentic tours through bustling marketplaces of Palermo to sampling regional French delicacies in Provence.

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So, which tours of Rosetta's can you join?

For a last-minute foodie escape, try Western Sicily | Food & Archaeology which departs on September 30th:

  • On this tour of the Western tip of Sicily, we discover a number of delights to satiate any food lover's tastes, from foraging for ingredients at Palermo's food markets to rustling up local dishes in cookery classes, visiting Trapani where salt has been extracted for centuries to enjoying a lunch hosted by an agriturismo, which produces organic olive oil and cheese.

A spring fling awaits in Bologna, where you can enjoy its food & archaeology next May:

  • The Etruscans reached as far north as the region known today as Emilia Romagna. They ruled Bologna from the 7th century BC and were regarded by the Romans as obsessed with drinking and feasting. Discover the home of tagliatelle, mortadella, ragù and more. This unique tour will satisfy the most voracious of appetites for food and history alike!

In Provence next June, treat yourself to gastronomy and history:

  • An indulgent and enchanting adventure awaits in this glorious region of France. From delicious local cuisine through to ancient remains that tell stories of the past, we are treated to a vast array of unique experiences that showcase this area’s true heart. A captivating fusion of archaeology, rich culture and gastronomy makes for a memorable holiday that will stay with you long after your return.

Welcome in the holiday season with Festive Food in Palermo next December:

  • This glorious region is rich in both history and gastronomy, and we take six days to immerse ourselves in it all. An expert guide brings stories of the past vividly back to life as our senses are treated to delicious local cuisine. Experience the incredible archaeological sites to be found on this beautiful island and uncover the tales they harbour.
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