Brand new 'Bare Bones' tours starting from just £499 per person

12th September 2018
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Brand new 'Bare Bones' tours starting from just £499 per person

We are delighted to announce the launch of Bare Bones, a brand new collection of expert-led tours, which start at just £499 per person.

So, what's new?

Well, let us tell you! Visiting Greece, Germany, Jordan, Turkey, Italy and Egypt, these brand new tours are split into Insiders' or Essential

Essential tours are perfect for first-time visitors, introducing the iconic attractions of a city or historic site in the company of a knowledgeable Guide Lecturer. Insiders’ tours, as the name suggests, focus more on the hidden secrets, taking you ‘behind the scenes’ of your chosen destination - a fully immersive experience.

As ever, we have kept our fantastic special access, the expert guide lecturers and opportunities to travel 'like a local'.

Are flights included?

No. Flights are not included in the tour price, giving you the chance to extend your stay at either end of the package easily.

What’s especially exciting about Bare Bones is that the departure and return dates have, in some cases, been designed to coincide so that tours can be combined if a more intensive experience is desired. For example, Insiders’ Rome can be tagged on the end of Essential Rome or you can choose to join Essential Istanbul and follow it directly with Insiders’ Istanbul. The opportunity to tailor make and build your dream tour is now a reality with Andante. 

What's the special access like? 

  • On Essential Rome, visit the Mithraeum beneath the Circus Maximus, an atmospheric underground temple accessed by appointment only
  • During the Insiders’ Rome tour, unlock rarely-visited sites, enjoy a guided tour of the Vatican Museums and experience a private visit to the majestic Porta Asinaria
  • Essential Athens offers guests the chance to tour mysterious Eleusis
  • Spend a spectacular day in Dougga, a UNESCO site with incredibly well-preserved ruins, alongside an expert archaeologist on the Essential Carthage tour
  • Be treated to private visits at the magnificent Doge’s Palace and the Basilica of San Marco on Essential Venice
  • Take an unusual tour of hidden escape tunnels beneath the Berlin Wall on Essential Berlin in the company of an expert

What about meals?

With one free afternoon and evenings spent at leisure during these tours – which have a shorter duration of around five to seven days – and breakfast being the only meal of the day included, you can choose your own mealtimes and have the chance to dine independently of the group if you prefer some quality time by yourself. There is also the option to add a meal package to each of the Bare Bones tour itineraries.

Tempted? Click here to browse our full range of Bare Bones tours or give us a call on 01722 569443 to secure your place today!

What is Bare Bones?

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