We're delighted to announce the launch of our Cruise & Stay tours

24th September 2018
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Andante Travels has partnered with Voyages to Antiquity to launch a series of 'Cruise & Stay' tours, which offer the ultimate cultural holiday experience.

Travelling to some of Europe’s top destinations, we’ve combined the pleasures of smaller ship cruising with Andante’s expert-led visits to iconic archaeological and historic sites.

With a capacity of just 350 passengers, Aegean Odyssey (pictured below) is perfectly proportioned for Mediterranean cultural cruising. She is small enough to explore that historic sea’s most beautiful bays and coves, sail rivers and put in at intriguing ports of call off-limits to the mega-ships. The service is more personal, the atmosphere more convivial, and friendships are easily struck. Yet, on the other hand, she is large enough to offer a superb range of amenities, including a choice of dining venues and comfortable bars, a relaxing spa centre, one of the best-stocked libraries at sea, and a lecture auditorium where onboard experts deliver enthralling talks on the destinations visited. Cabins are spacious and intelligently designed. So, what makes these 'Cruise & Stay' packages so special?



What does Andante add to the experience?

Well, we have created these tours so that we operate the pre- and post-cruise days. Extended stays in Athens, Rome and Venice are on offer, but we don't just take you to these destinations... Being Andante, we include high quality accommodation, expert guidance from top archaeologists and well-respected academics, and a host of other magical experiences. 

  • In Athens, visit the ancient religious shrine of Eleusis, once on par with Delphi, but now hardly known and little-visited
  • In Rome, we have an enhanced visit to the iconic Colosseum, with access to both the subterranean areas and Belvedere (the highest gallery with amazing views)
  • In Venice, anticipate private visits to the Doge's Palace, including the prisons and torture chamber, and tour St. Mark's Basilica 


What's included?

  • International flights and transfers
  • Full-board cruise accommodation
  • Wine, beer and soft drinks, with dinner on board
  • Gratuities on board
  • Shore excursions in every major port of call
  • The on-board enrichment programme, including lectures by internationally-renowned experts
  • Quality hotels both pre- and post-cruise
  • Guided Andante Travels excursions and visits, both pre- and post-cruise, accompanied by an expert

Cruise & Stay with Andante Travels and Voyages to Antiquity - secure your place with a deposit of just £750 per person


Classical Greece & Southern Italy 

Athens | Sparta | Olympia | Delphi | Corfu | Dubrovnik | Lecce | Taormina | Pompeii | Sorrento | Rome

  • Tour the little-visited site of Eleusis
  • Enjoy an extended tour of the Colosseum, visiting parts not usually open to the public
  • Explore both of Rome's ancient ports, Portus and Ostia Antica
  • Stand before the Acropolis and Parthenon
  • Experience the haunting towns of Pompeii and Herculaneum

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Mediterranean Odyssey

Lisbon | Cadiz | Malaga | Tarragona | Barcelona | Carcassonne | Avignon | Monte Carlo | Portofino | Florence | Rome 

  • An extended tour of the Colosseum, including subterranean areas and the Belvedere
  • Visits to lesser-known ancient highlights, such as Portus (Trajan's Harbour) and Domus Aurea (Nero's Palace)
  • An afternoon walk through ancient Rome
  • Explore the Basilica of San Clemente, one of Rome's lesser-known jewels
  • Excursions led by an Andante guide leader, expert archaeologists and academics, to inspire and enlighten

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Italian & Adriatic Highlights

Rome | Pompeii | Herculaneum | Ravello | Taormina | Corfu | Lecce | Dubrovnik | Split | Urbino | Venice

  • A private visit to the Mithraeum beneath the Circus Maximus
  • An extended tour of the Colosseum, including subterranean areas and the Belvedere
  • An afternoon walk through ancient Rome
  • A private visit to the Doge's Palace, including access to the prisons and torture chamber
  • A private evening visit to St. Mark's Basilica
  • Excursions led by an Andante guide leader, expert archaeologists and academics

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