The Top Places To Visit in 2019

7th January 2019
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Your top four destinations of 2019. We asked, you answered. So, where do you want to visit? The delights, history and warm weather of the gorgeous Mediterranean dominated the round up, but the traditions and culture to be found in Asia also drew you in...

1) Italy

One of our most popular destinations, Italy is a place you can return to year after year and never have the same experience twice. From the magnificent region of Piedmont (which earned itself one of Lonely Planet's Top For 2019 titles) and the haunting ancient city of Pompeii, to Bologna's unbeatable culinary scene and the experience of enjoying an opera performance in Verona – we have a tour of Italy to suit every interest and budget. Some of our favourite Italian adventures:

2) Sicily

The fascinating island of Sicily made it into your top four this year and we would have to agree with you. The sheer wealth of history and heritage to be found here is enough to keep us creating tours that bring guests back each year, and we want to recommend a few experiences to you:

3) Japan

A tour of Japan is something that will leave you with lasting memories, and the next two years are likely to bring the country more publicity than ever thanks to its hosting of the Rugby World Cup this year and then the 2020 Summer Olympic Games. While our tours don't include these events, they do shine a spotlight on the architecture, arts, food, history and culture there:

4) Greece

A firm favourite with travellers who love good food, great weather and a phenomenal breadth of history and stories alike, Greece rounds out our top four. With tours here starting at just £599pp, we can offer newcomers to the country marvellous and all-encompassing introductions or we can bring already acquainted guests back for another look at something they won't have seen before:

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