What are our expert Guide Lecturers reading this World Book Day?

7th March 2019
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Today is World Book Day and we wanted to mark the occasion by asking our Guide Lecturers to recommend you a book or two...

Many of the experts who lead our tours have published books themselves, but they are also supportive of other writers' projects and we've put together a little reading list for anyone with an interesting in archaeology or history.


Dr. Paul Bahn

“Bluff Your Way in Archaeology”, Dr. Paul Bahn’s most successful book, will be republished. If you missed it the first time around, back in 1988, this year offers you another opportunity to read it. A truly entertaining read, packed with facts and insider information, this book is perfect for anyone with a keen interest in archaeology. A new, updated and expanded-upon edition will be released through Haynes Publishing later this year.

Followers of Paul’s work will also be interested to know that the latest 8th edition of “Archaeology: Theory, Methods and Practice”, by Colin Renfrew and Paul Bahn is set to appear this year through Thames & Hudson.

Dr. Paul Bahn’s tours for 2019 include The Rock Art of Altamira, Dordogne – Cave Art, Rock Art in the Namibian Wilds, Chile & Easter Island, Australia – Aboriginal Rock Art, and the Ice Age Art at Creswell Crags study day.


Oliver Gilkes

One of Andante’s most popular Guide Lecturers, Oliver Gilkes, has recommended a book written by Stephen H. Lekson, who will lead our first-ever Native American Pueblos tour in 2020. “A History of the Ancient Southwest” was described by Oliver as being one of the best and most interesting books written by one of our Guide Lecturers. It mixes history, archaeology and great ideas about an unusual yet gripping subject, and you can click here to order yourself a copy.

Join Oliver on the following tours this year: Albania & Macedonia – The Via Egnatia, Classical Sicily, Rome & the Sistine Chapel, The Etruscans, Ravenna & Aquileia, Albania – Land of the Eagles, Rome at Christmas, Serbia – Land of the Iron Emperors, Albania, Montenegro & Kosovo and the Roman Villas – How the Other Half Lived study day.


Ben Kane

Currently working on a brand new novel, author Ben Kane recommends a great book by Christian Cameron called “Killer of Men”. He said, “It’s the first of a series set in the 5th century BC, when the Persian Empire invaded Greece. Magnificent novels.”

If you’re captivated by Ben’s own novels, why not join him in Pompeii on our tour that runs from 2nd – 9th May. Click here to see the full itinerary now. (Image of Ben courtesy of Colin Thomas)


Tony O’Connor

Specialist in the Roman Empire, our Guide Lecturer Tony O’Connor recommends two books that deal with mythology. He told us, “Bookwise I am currently reading two Adrian Goldsworthy “The Encircling Sea” (the 2nd of his Vindolanda series) and Madeline Miller’s “Circe”. Two very different novels exploring ancient history and mythology.”

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