Tick the phenomenal site of Göbekli Tepe off your archaeological bucket list

22nd July 2019
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In South East Turkey – a part of the country lesser visited by most tourists – stands the captivating and somewhat mysterious ancient temple site of Göbekli Tepe.

It is on many archaeology lovers' bucket lists and in 2020, we can take you there

At Göbekli Tepe, you'll admire pillars carved with intricate sculptures of vultures and lions, which were erected to support huge blocks of stone making up the complete structure. What makes this site truly awe-inspiring is the fact that it was built over 11,000 years ago – back in the 10th century. This UNESCO World Heritage Site even predates Stonehenge by a staggering 7,500 years. 

Turkey expert Terry Richardson, who literally wrote the guidebook on this astounding country, will lead both the 1st April and 26th September departures of this new tour, and you are invited to join him. 

On the 11th day, we will take you to Göbekli Tepe, which only gained UNESCO status last year. Situated on top of a rounded hill in the anti-Taurus mountains a few miles north of Sanliurfa, this site is both spectacular and unique. Following an extensive visit here, we will bring you back to the Sanliurfa Museum complex, which is home to a treasure trove of finds from Göbekli itself – as well as a life-sized reconstruction of one of its stone circles.

Other highlights on this 2020 tour include:

  • Explore the extraordinary underground city of Derinkuyu
  • Visit the Pool of Abraham, which is filled with carp and supposedly the place where Abraham was thrown into the fire by Nimrod
  • Walk up to the UNESCO-listed site of Nemrut Dag, where huge statues gaze imposingly from the summit of a remote peak



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