Experience the Oberammergau Passion Play your way in 2020 – from just £995pp

6th August 2019
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A promise made in 1633 sparked the beginning of the once-per-decade Oberammergau Passion Play, a performance put on every 10 years as a way to thank God for the lives that were spared from the deadly plague.

2020 is your next chance to witness this spectacle, rehearsed and perfected by long-time citizens of this unique Bavarian village. At 2.30pm local time, actors take to the stage to recreate the life, suffering and death of Christ, and the event finishes at 10.30pm – with a lengthy intermission for a sit-down dinner, of course.

As it's such a momentous event, we have designed a total of six holidays that can put you in the audience for this legendary play, all of which include very different elements of touring – from visits to iconic German castles and excursions themed around Mozart or "The Sound of Music", to tours of north Italian archaeological sites. What's more, our Oberammergau range starts at just £995pp, making this experience accessible to travellers with all budgets. All that's left to do is choose your trip and then count down the days to this next decade's show-stopping performance.

Short Break in Oberammergau | From £995pp

If you want to experience the once-per-decade Passion Play as a standalone event, this is the trip for you. Starting at £995 per person, fly into this Bavarian village with enough time to explore and then it's show time. Once the play ends, you'll stay overnight in Oberammergau and then the next day it's off back home.

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Oberammergau & the Dream Castles of Bavaria | £2,150pp

A fusion of architecture, history and culture awaits on this memorable 6-day tour. Follow in the footsteps of King Ludwig II at his magnificent residences, from the iconic Neuschwanstein Castle to his childhood home. With tickets to the Passion Play included, this is a great trip.

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Oberammergau & Hallstatt | £2,195pp

Journey through Germany and Austria, exploring life through the ages. Go underground at the Hallstatt salt mines, admire La Tene metalwork at a Celtic Museum and soak up the atmosphere of Oberammergau. There is a performance of the Passion Play on the second day, and spending two nights in the village itself is simply charming.

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Oberammergau, Munich & Salzburg | £2,245pp

Explore Munich and Salzburg, and then witness the Passion Play itself. From an 18th century-inspired dinner concert at St. Peter's Monastery to a tour of Germany's largest city palace, soak up the culture, lose yourself in the history and appreciate time-honoured tradition on this holiday.

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Oberammergau & the Archaeology of Northern Italy | £2,595pp

Go underground in Trento to discover the remains of a Roman road, take a walking tour of the lesser-visited historic city of Brescia, and come face-to-face with the mummified remains of Ötzi the Iceman. You'll also spend two nights in the charming village of Oberammergau itself and witness the legendary Passion Play.

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Oberammergau & the Southern Limes | £3,250pp

Join archaeologist Tony Wilmott as you journey along Germany's southern Lines in search of history. Visit Villa Nenning and see its gladiator mosaic, discover Trier's Porta Nigra, and explore the watchtower located at Grosserlach-Grab. From aqueducts to theatres, and from temples to fantastic museums, make your Passion Play experience a historic one.

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