The Roman World - Objects of Desire and Faith

The impact of the Roman way of life on the Mediterranean world was enormous – they took the best of all the cultures they encountered (and then conquered!), added a touch of their own unique pragmatism and organisational skills, and then provided the means by which artefacts, skills, ideas and beliefs could be shared from Syria to Scotland, Africa to Armenia.

The Ashmolean Museum has wonderful artifacts from all around the Empire, and some of the best will be chosen and their significance explained by Keeper of Antiquities, Dr. Paul Roberts, providing an insight into what really made the Empire tick. There will be a handling session so that you can examine every detail of objects which were once precious to – or perhaps just taken for granted by – an imperial subject, senator, priestess, citizen or slave.

It was during the Roman period that Christianity emerged as a major religion, and other mystery cults travelled great distances with the Romans, sparking a new era of beliefs and religious practice. Our Study day has been timed to coincide with a new exhibition ‘Empires of Faith’ which examines why new religious imagery and icons emerged across Asia and Europe in the period AD 100 – 800. There will be an introduction to the exhibition by the scholars who put it together.

In partnership with the Ashmolean

Itinerary 2018

Day 1

09:45 - We meet at St Giles entrance.
10:00 - We receive an introductory lecture from Dr. Denise Allen, entitled: ‘The Roman World and its legacy’.
11:15 - Refreshment break.
11:30 - Tour of the Roman Galleries with Dr. Paul Roberts, Keeper of Antiquities.
13:00 - Lunch at Pierre Victoire (a 10-minute walk away).
14:30 - We receive an introduction to the new exhibition ‘Empires of Faith’ from the scholars who put it together.
15:00 - Visit the exhibition.
16:15 - Disperse


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