Iron Age and Roman coins in Britain at Fishbourne Roman Palace

 Postumus AR Antoninianus
Postumus AR Antoninianus
Macedon Philip 2 Gold Reverse Chariot
Macedon Philip 2 Gold Reverse Chariot
Denarius 211 BC
Denarius 211 BC
Ambiani Stater obv rev
Ambiani Stater obv rev

Led by Dr David Rudling, this day will start by examining primitive currencies and the development of coins in different parts of the world, especially in Asia Minor, Greece and Italy. Thereafter we will look in more detail at the coins and other types of currencies used in Britain during the Late Iron Age and Roman periods. By the end of the session participants should be familiar with the main sequences of coin types for these periods.

This day is likely to be of particular interest to archaeologists, historians, metal detectorists, coin collectors, and those with a general interest in the ancient past. There will be opportunities to handle real examples and to view others which are on display in the Fishbourne Palace Museum. David Rudling, who is an archaeologist specialising in the Roman period, has a particular interest in Iron Age, Roman and medieval coins used in Britain.

David Rudling is a field archaeologist who has directed excavations (including training courses) at various Roman villa and farmstead sites in Sussex. He worked for the Institute of Archaeology (London) for over 20 years before switching to the University of Sussex. His numerous publications include co-authorship (with Miles Russell) of Bignor Roman Villa.

Itinerary 2019

Day 1

09.45-10.00 - Meet at The Rudkin Room at Fishbourne Roman Palace.
10.00-11.30 – Introduction to ‘Primitive Currencies’ and the ‘Origins of Coinage’
11.30-11.45 – tea and coffee
11.45-13.00 – Late Iron Age ‘primitive currencies’ and coins in Britain
13.00-14.00 – Buffet Lunch in Fishbourne Café
14.00-15.15 – Roman coins in Britain
15.15-16.00 - Museum visit
16.00-16.15 – Round-up and questions to finish the day.

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