Walking the Roman Limes

Saalburg Roman Fort
Saalburg Roman Fort
Reconstruction of the Roman Limes
Reconstruction of the Roman Limes
Rolling countryside of West Germany, where once legions of the Roman army would have stood, armed against the Germanic ‘barbarians’
Rolling countryside of West Germany, where once legions of the Roman army would have stood, armed against the Germanic ‘barbarians’
Replica of a Roman helmet and cavalry mask
Replica of a Roman helmet and cavalry mask
The small fort at Rheintrohl
The small fort at Rheintrohl
Foundations of the Limes watchtower near Hillscheid
Foundations of the Limes watchtower near Hillscheid
Copper alloy lion on display in the Ehrenbreitstein museum
Copper alloy lion on display in the Ehrenbreitstein museum

Built to separate the outskirts of the Roman Empire from the ‘free’ Germanic tribes, the mighty Germany Limes represent the longest ancient defensive system Europe has ever seen. Stretching for 350 miles, from the Rhine to the Danube, the border bristled with forts and watchtowers, manned by legions and auxiliaries. The ultimate protector of the civilised Roman world from the hordes of Teutonic barbarian outside...
Tread the paths which once separated two vastly different cultures. Today, the route is characterised by rolling hills, forests and streams. Led by a Roman military expert this tour is a wonderful follow-up to our Walking Hadrian’s Wall tour and a unique expedition in the footsteps of the Romans.

NOTE: This is a tour for keen walkers and we will have to walk between 8-10 miles a day for the duration of the tour, a degree of fitness is required; waterproof clothing and suitable walking shoes/boots are essential.


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Itinerary 2018

Day 1

Fly from London to Frankfurt, and drive to our hotel in the small medieval town of Braubach. We have an evening visit to nearby Koblenz Landesmuseum.

Day 2

Begin our walk with a steady introductory hike from Rheinbrohl to Kastell Niederbieber, through rolling hills past the remains of excavated defences, as well as a reconstructed stone tower. Walk on to Kastell Niederbieber, one of the largest forts on the Limes, where you can see the bath-house that served the soldiers stationed here. (8 miles)

Day 3

Leave the safety of the fort behind and depart from the north gate of Kastell Niederbieber heading east towards the frontier. We view a wide range of Roman remains before descending down into the town of Sayn. (12.5 miles)

Day 4

A day of gentle climbing through the forested hills to the east of Sayn, up to the reconstructed watchtower known as the Limes Pavillon Hillscheid. We also visit the fort at Kleinkastell Hillscheid, for a view of life in these small border fortifications. (11 miles)

Day 5

Begin with a climb to the Stefansturm reconstructed watchtower, where you can gaze out eastwards beyond the boundaries of civilisation, and westward towards Gaul and Romanitas. Descend from the hilltop to Bad Ems, past Allied bomb craters and remains of the Roman fortification. End the day at Lahn, a bathing resort town, site of a large Roman fort. (12.5 miles)

Day 6

We walk south away from the Rhine, climbing up to the oldest of the reconstructed Roman watchtowers, before progressing onto a long flat plateau with a number of Roman sites to visit along the way. Enjoy views of open countryside before reaching the reconstructed fortlet at Limeskastell Pohl. (13 miles)

Day 7

From one fortlet to another, cross open countryside before heading into the forest to reach the relatively well-preserved remains of Kastell Holzhausen, another visible fort along the German frontier. After lunch, we transfer by coach to the town of Idstein, to spend the afternoon enjoying the medieval Altstadt with its timber-framed buildings, a short rest from the rigours of frontier life! (5.5 miles)

Day 8

Starting at Kleinkastell Kemel, we cross over the river at Adolfseck, past the only Roman quarry inscription which survives on the Limes. Continue to the fort of Kastell Zugmantel where we explore a reconstructed tower. (11.5 miles. Steep in places)

Day 9

Following the Limes closely we walk through the town of Eschenhahn, which grew out of two villages on the Roman frontier. Climb to a reconstructed watchtower near the Dasbach. Reach the fort of Kleinkastell Maisel, shrouded in forest. (12 miles)

Day 10

On the final day of our walk, visit the Limes Info-Zentrum to see how far we’ve travelled. Follow the often visible path of the Limes up to Rotes Kreuz to the fort of Kastell Feldberg. Continue onwards past fortlets and towers until reaching the museum, reconstructed fort and extant rampart and ditch at Kastell Saalburg. (10 miles)

Day 11

We fly home today.

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