Ice Age Art at Creswell Crags

  • See Britain’s only confirmed examples of Ice Age art
  • Led by the discoverer! Paul Bahn is one of the world’s leading experts in Cave Art, and led the team which first found the Creswell carvings
  • Small group - just 12 particpants

The engravings and paintings of the last Ice Age represent the first known flowering of art. The spectacular limestone gorge known as Creswell Crags is thought to have been occupied by as early as 43,000BC. This network of caves, weathered deep into the rock, no doubt provided shelter from the harsh conditions of the last Ice Age. The area is now home to Britain’s most important collection of occupation sites from this period.

The first ‘hint’ of Creswell’s ancient art was found in 1876, when Victorian antiquarians discovered what has become known as the Ochre Horse, an engraving on a rib bone hidden in the caves at Creswell. However, it was not until 2003 that Britain’s only confirmed examples of Ice Age cave art were discovered - and by none other than Dr Bahn himself, who leads this Study Day. Thanks to that discovery, the Crags obtained a lottery grant which paid for a magnificent new museum/visitor centre where the original material from the caves (portable art, tools and animal remains) can be seen on display. This is a glimpse into the remote, enigmatic world of our Ice Age ancestors.


  • Rock Art
  • Prehistory


  • Small Group

Itinerary 2018

Day 1

Meeting time / place
10:30 at the Creswell Crags Visitor Centre

End time / place
16:00 at the Creswell Crags Visitor Centre

The Day
The day’s itinerary will be flexible depending on timings, highlights include a visit to Church Hole and Robin Hood Cave. We also have guided tours of the visitors centre and museum and a private illustrated presentation by Dr Paul Bahn.

A light sandwich lunch will be provided.


What's Included

  1. Expert Guide Lecturer
  2. Lunch - A light sandwich lunch will be provided
  3. Fact Sheet - Including background information about your Guide Lecturer, historical context for the Day, detailed itinerary, a suggested reading list and directions to the venue


Jan 8

A fascinating introduction to a bit of archaeology about which we previously knew very little as well as an interesting background story. Beautiful setting .Also interesting how easily the pictures could be overlooked. We were amazed that we have lived in the area for so long and had heard so little about Creswell Crags.


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2018 Study Day Details

Fri 8th June



without flights


Led By: Dr Paul Bahn

Fri 17th August



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Led By: Dr Paul Bahn

Guide Lecturer

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