Dalmatia & Dubrovnik

Ruins of the ancient town of Salona
Ruins of the ancient town of Salona
The famous Sea Organ at Zadar
The famous Sea Organ at Zadar
Dubrovnik, the city on the Adriatic
Dubrovnik, the city on the Adriatic
Palace of Diocletian, Split
Palace of Diocletian, Split
Cathedral of St. Domnius, Split
Cathedral of St. Domnius, Split

Explore the spectacular archaeology of Croatia, from Zagreb to Zadar, Split to Dubrovnik. Against the backdrop of the breathtakingly beautiful Adriatic and its islands, we visit villas, temples, churches and palaces. Part of the Illyrian kingdom, the region succumbed to Roman rule around 32 BC. ‘Dalmatia’ acquired the characteristic trappings of a Roman province: military camps, towns and roads.

The province furnished Rome with emperors, including Diocletian, who famously returned in retirement and built a magnificent palace at Split.
Travel with Roman specialist, Dr Ffiona Gilmore Eaves. A leisurely tour through 2,000 years of fascinating Croatian history.

  • Travel through Croatia, viewing Roman cities, red-roofed walled Medieval towns and the sparkling clear blue waters of the Adriatic
  • Enjoy Special Access to Zagreb Archaeological Museum - the curator of the museum will take us on a tour of the museum and deliver a special talk
  • Spend two days in Dubrovnik, and discover more about the walled city’s early beginnings, and its place in more recent history


  • Romans
  • Historic Churches


  • Special Access
  • All Inclusive

Itinerary 2017

Day 1

We arrive in Croatia’s capital, Zagreb and enjoy an introduction to the Old Town. We explore the picturesque Medieval Gradec Quarter, including the very fine Gothic and Romanesque, St Mark’s Church.

Day 2

We begin our day with a special tour to the Roman settlement of Aquae Iasae in the town of VaraĹždinske Toplice. The unusual natural thermal spring site, including the shrine around the spring, has been extensively excavated.

During the afternoon, we continue to the Zagreb Archaeological Museum with the museum’s curator.

Day 3

We spend the morning at Andautonia Archaeological Park just outside of Zagreb. We explore the remains of a Roman town that has been uncovered, with inscriptions here suggesting it was the cultural and economic centre of the region between the 1st and 3rd century. We drive to Zadar in the afternoon.

Day 4

We spend the day in Zadar, an ancient Adriatic city which became a major trading centre under Roman rule. We explore sites along the Kalelarga (main street) and visit Romanesque churches of the Middle Ages. After lunch, we visit the Archaeological Museum of Zadar, which houses finds from prehistory onwards. We end the day with a stroll along the Zadarska Riva seafront and visit the unique ‘sea organ’, played by the wind and waves.

Day 5

Enjoy a scenic drive along the Adriatic coastline to Šibenik. Then on to Trogir, founded by Greek sailors in the 3rd century and later sacked and rebuilt in the Middle Ages. Afterwards, we travel to Split and walk around the walls of Diocletian’s extraordinary palace.

Day 6

Today we explore Diocletian’s Imperial Palace, built by the Roman Emperor Diocletian at the turn of the fourth century AD. We venture below ground to examine the incredible substructure that supported his lavish home and wander around the grounds.

Day 7

We spend the morning in the Archaeological museum in Split, moving onto Salona in the afternoon, visiting the ruins of a remarkable Roman city, and the former capital of the Roman province of Dalmatia. 

Day 8

We depart from Split to Dubrovnik, diverting to visit a collection of Roman Imperial sculptures found in their shrine at the Roman town of Narona. Later in the afternoon, we arrive in Dubrovnik. We touch on Croatia’s more troubled recent history at the Croatian War of Independence Museum.

Day 9

We spend a full day in Dubrovnik. We walk the city walls, which were built towards the end of the 8th century and were strong enough to defend against a 15 month invasion in the 9th century. We continue to Lovrijenac Fortress. Dubrovnik had a strong maritime culture and this afternoon we visit the old city harbour and Lazaretto, built to quarantine sailors in attempts to protect the city from imported disease.

Day 10

We fly home from Dubrovnik.

What's Included

  1. Tour Manager
  2. Local Travel - Private a/c coach
  3. Meals - All meals included - dinners with wine
  4. Entries & Tips - Entry to all sites in programme; tips included
  5. Field Notes
  6. Hotels - 2 nights in a luxury hotel in the centre of Zagreb, 3 nights in a centrally located hotel in historic Zadar, 2 nights in a 4* seaside hotel in Split, 2 nights in a historic hotel located near the gates to Old Town Dubrovnik
  7. Flights - Scheduled flights London to Zagreb; Dubrovnik to London

Hotel Info

2 nights in a luxury hotel in the centre of Zagreb
2 nights in a centrally located hotel in historic Zadar
3 nights in a 4* seaside hotel in Split
2 nights in a historic hotel located near the gates to Old Town Dubrovnik

Useful Information

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