Prehistoric Czech Republic

Bridges of Prague
Bridges of Prague
City of Prague
City of Prague
National Museum
National Museum
Cave Byci Skala, Moravien
Cave Byci Skala, Moravien

Think of Czech Republic and most likely Soviet struggles and the Gothic spires of Prague spring to mind. Yet the history of this beautiful country goes back thousands of years earlier to the Upper Palaeolithic, when the landscape was covered in forests and hunter gatherers were expertly fashioning stone tools to hunt their prey. Dr Karen Reubens paints a picture of what living during this time may have been like for our ancestors that traversed these lands.

The Czech Republic still has a wondrous prehistoric landscape, littered with caves and extraordinary sites that have unveiled a treasure trove of remains. From Dolní V?stonice, a site dating back 28,000 years, to the earliest Mlade? settlement found in Europe, this tour is a must for Prehistory enthusiasts.

  • Glimpse the lives of so-called ‘cave men’ at Kon?pruské, where the remains of fearsome Ice Age animals, including sabre-tooth tigers have been found
  • Meet local archaeologists who discuss their findings and excavations
  • Travel through craggy, forested and almost primordial landscapes in search of the lives of our distant prehistoric forebears


  • Prehistory
  • Great Cities


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Itinerary 2018

Day 1

We arrive in Prague and transfer to our hotel in the heart of the old town.

Day 2

This morning, we visit the National Museum which houses a vast collection of artefacts, including ample prehistoric remains which will provide a context for our tour. No visit to Prague would be complete without exploring Prague Castle, one of the largest Medieval complexes in the world. 

Day 3

We make our way to Pilsen and explore the Historical Underground, a 14th century labyrinth of passages, cellars and walls. In the afternoon we descend into Prehistory at the Koněpruské Caves, where thousand of prehistoric animal bones including mastodon and sabre-tooth tigers have been found. Stone tools, Neanderthal and Homosapien remains have also been discovered.

Day 4

Today starts with a drive to Brno. The afternoon is spent exploring the Moravian Museum in Brno, which displays prehistoric finds from across the Czech Republic.

Day 5

We hunt for more prehistoric clues as we travel the Moravian Karst complex; home to over 1000 caverns, caves and gorges. Here we visit Kateřinská Cave and Býčí Skála Cave. The final stop of the day is Sloupsko-sosuvke cave complex which includes Kulna cave, one of the largest Neanderthal sites in the region. It is rich in stone tools, Neanderthal fossils and butchered animal remains, spanning the time period of 120,000 to 40,000 years ago.

Day 6

Today we visit the Upper Palaeolithic settlement of Dolní Vestonice. It is a significant site, known for mammoth bones, ivory, clay figurines such as the Venus of Vestonice and some of the oldest musical instruments. In 1986, skeletons of three young individuals were uncovered here lying side by side, over 27,000 years old. In the afternoon we visit the museum exhibition of Pasohlavky, situated on the edge of a beautiful lake. The museum displays finds from the tomb of a Germanic chieftain, thought to have been an ally to Rome during the 2nd century AD.

Day 7

We visit Mladeč, a key Upper Palaeolithic site containing one of the oldest fossil remains of early modern humans in Europe, dating back 31,000 years. This afternoon we continue to the Museum at Předmostí. Here, we view remains from an important Upper Palaeolithic open-air site which contained some of the oldest evidence for dog domestication and systematic mammoth hunting. The site was unfortunately destroyed in the 1940s, but in situ mammoth bones are currently on display.

Day 8

We drive to Prague and transfer to the airport for return flights home.

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2018 Tour Details

Thu 30th August - Thu 6th September



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Led By: Dr Alex Pryor

Guide Lecturer

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