The Celts in Germany & Luxembourg

The Black Gate
The Black Gate
Mainz Cathedral
Mainz Cathedral
Neues Schloss, Stuttgart
Neues Schloss, Stuttgart
The old town of Altenburg
The old town of Altenburg
Old & modern Luxembourg
Old & modern Luxembourg

Discover the Celts and their world with one of Britain’s leading experts, Prof John Collis. You will be introduced to the remarkable Celtic remains in southwest Germany and Luxembourg. During the tour we view the major collections of Celtic finds of this region and explore many sites from which they derive. The collections we visit display a broad range of artefacts from everyday life to grave goods and ritual objects, perfectly suited to provide the archaeological background to the on-site visits. These include oppida, cemeteries and other sacred areas. Much effort has been put into the reconstruction and maintenance of the major sites such as Glauberg and Belginum to give you a glimpse into the past.

  • The Landesmuseum Württemberg possesses one of the most outstanding collections of Celtic finds throughout Europe
  • Visit Glauberg, one of the most important centres among the Celtic oppida with its fortified settlement and burial mounds where the “Prince of Glauberg” statue was discovered.
  • Reconstructed burial chamber of a Celtic ruler in the museum at Hochdorf


  • Prehistory
  • Great Cities


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Itinerary 2018

Day 1

We fly from London to Stuttgart, an important agricultural centre for millennia thanks to the life-giving Neckar river.

Day 2

Our tour begins at Landesmuseum Württemberg, the largest cultural history museum in the Baden-Württemberg region, and home to one of Europe’s best collections of Celtic artefacts. Findings from 13 ceremonial Celtic tombs including the royal grave of Hochdorf are amongst the many impressive highlights on site.

Following this we travel to nearby Eberdingen and visit the museum containing the reconstructed burial chamber of Hochdorf itself, a faithful copy of the site at which the Landesmuseum treasures were first discovered. A fantastic opportunity to see this chamber as it once was - though alas without the hundred gallons of mead with which its occupant was originally sealed!

Day 3

This morning we travel to Hohenasperg to explore the burial mound of Kleinaspergle. This mound comprises of two chambers, and is thought to have sheltered Celtic princes. On its excavation in the 19th century, the first of its chambers was found to have been robbed, while the second was discovered furnished and undisturbed.

Our next destination is the bustling river port of Mainz, the very name of which is thought to have Celtic origins. En route to Mainz we stop in Mannheim, the City of Squares, to pay a visit to its extensive museum and ancient world exhibits.

Day 4

Our tour of the region continues today with a trip to the Römisch-Germanisches Zentralmuseum (the Romano-Germanic Central Museum), based in an ornate palace building on the banks of the Rhine. Within the museum's many light and spacious rooms we find prehistoric and early historical hoards and discover a well-researched overview of early European history.

Later we travel to the oppidum, or fortified Iron Age settlement, of Glauberg, made famous by the discovery of the life-size sandstone ‘Prince of Glauberg’ statue, a Celtic depiction of a warrior which was recovered fully preserved except for its feet.

We lose ourselves in the World of Celts at Glauberg's museum and archaeological site: home to a wealth of treasures, research, ancient monuments, and a ceremonial Celtic pathway.

Day 5

Our travels lead to Altburg this morning, a Celtic castellum, or fort, near Bundenbach. This hilltop site was transformed into an open-air museum in 1988, giving us a unique chance to imagine life as a Celtic resident in the 1st century BC.

We continue to Belginum next for a visit to the Celtic-Roman archaeological park. Set in a clearing in the heart of the forest, this complex presents various excavational finds and features a variety of informative stopping points that help us to picture the settlement as it would have been over two millennia ago.

Our final stop for today is Trier, a city close to the Luxembourg border, deep in the Moselle wine region. Our afternoon is free to explore the city’s sights: head to the cathedral, one of its many interesting churches, or relax beside the river with a glass of local Gewürztraminer.

Day 6

Our day begins at Trier’s Rheinisches Landesmuseum, one of Germany’s most important archaeological museums, which contains giant stone monuments alongside other impressive artefacts from burial mounds.

Later we head to the Archaeological Park Martberg where we learn about the region’s rich Celtic-Roman past through the lens of the Treveri, a local tribe who established an oppidum here in approximately 100 BC. Large quantities of spiritual offerings have been found on site, including more than 10,000 coins. We take a look inside reconstructed houses, as well as the recently reconstructed temple with its exceptional wall paintings.

Day 7

The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is ours to explore today. Our first port of call is the National Museum of Art and History, whose large archaeological section is rich with prehistoric artefacts, most notably those found during excavations at Titelberg.

No visit to this area would not be complete without a pilgrimage to Titelberg itself, and that’s exactly where we go next. This vast oppidum is thought to have once been the Treverian capital, a centre of trade and commerce, its ruins offering a tantalising glimpse of urban life before the Roman conquests. A fittingly impressive location in which to conclude our Celtic escapades.

Day 8

We bid our fond farewells and make our way back to London.

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