Campania beyond Pompeii

Pompeii has fascinated us for centuries, but archaeological interest isn’t confined to this one area... go beyond and discover more. Explore the hinterland of Vesuvius, a countryside pocked with semi-active volcano craters and one of the entrances to the underworld. It was a land of
myth and legend, and, paradoxically, a land of luxury and wealth dotted with the vast villas of senators where the city of Puzzuoli was a ‘second Rome’ in the summer season. The excesses of fine living here were satirized in the Satyricon of Petronius. The tour is based for a whole week in just one comfortable hotel, and includes a trip to the island of Ischia where Greeks established their first trading post in the west
– Pithekoussai.

Itinerary 2018

Day 1

We arrive in Naples and drive to our hotel.

Day 2

We begin with a ferry trip to the island of Ischia. Here, we view the remains of Greek buildings beneath the Church of Santa Restituta.

Day 3

We begin at Santa Maria Capua Vetere to view the marvellous Iron Age collection in its museum, amphitheatre and temple. We also visit the medieval town of Capua.

Day 4

Our first day in Naples, we visit the foundations of the theatre as well as the streets and shops beneath the Church of San Lorenzo di Maggiore. A visit to the cloister of Santa Chiara will also reveal the remains of a Roman bathhouse.

Day 5

We explore the exotic Roman resort of Baia, terraced into the side of an extinct volcano and the nearby museum. En route we visit the active volcanic area
of Solfatara and then on to Cumae.

Day 6

We travel to Pozzuoli. Here we visit the amphitheatre and the remains of buildings in Rione Terra, beneath the medieval city. We also view the remains of tombs and other little visited remains of Pozzuoli.

Day 7

We continue in Naples, with a visit to the incredible Archaeological Museum. Later, we explore the spectacular Catacombs of St Januarius, which date back to
the 2nd century AD.

Day 8

Transfers to Naples airport for flights home or onward.

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Led By: John Shepherd

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