Egypt: Queens & Nobles

Luxor, Karnak Temple
Luxor, Karnak Temple
Temple of Queen Hatshepsut
Temple of Queen Hatshepsut
Elephantine Island
Elephantine Island
Aswan Botanical Gardens, Kitchener's Island
Aswan Botanical Gardens, Kitchener's Island

We beckon you to Luxor, on the banks of the Nile we visit the ancient Thebes. Here, richly decorated tombs and awe-inspiring temples are waiting for you to discover. The colours and clarity inside these opulent burial sites of Egyptian noblemen and their wives are guaranteed to take your breath away - still so startlingly vivid, centuries after they were first daubed.

We start from Cairo and journey to Saqqara, where we pause in wonder at the Serapeum and its sacred bull catacombs. We enjoy the rare luxury of viewing the Sun Temple at Abu Ghurab in splendid isolation. We continue to one of the richest archaeological sites in Egypt, Elephantine Island. Here we go back to the beginnings of Pharaonic history, with an introduction to the temples of the ram-headed god Khnum, and his consort Satet. We sail away to world-renowned destinations along the Nile and Lake Nasser. We explore the ‘jewels of the desert cliffs’, the Tombs of the Nobles.

Perhaps one of the most beautiful tombs in Egypt is that of Nefertari, favourite wife of Ramesses II. The queen is depicted alongside deities and clothed in white, worshipping Osiris and offering milk to Hathor.

  • Visit the tombs at Saqqara, the final resting place of many Nobles
  • We take a boat trip around Lake Nasser and visit New Kalabsha Island.
  • Venture through the Karnak Temple, visiting areas that are not normally explored
  • Travel to Elephantine Island, one of the richest archaeological sites in Egypt


  • Ancient Egyptians


  • Special Access
  • All Inclusive

Itinerary 2018

Day 1

We fly to Cairo and transfer to our hotel.

Day 2

We start our expedition by exploring several grandiose tombs at Saqqara. Here we view a number of tombs, including:

  • New Kingdom tombs of Horemheb (Tutankhamen’s general and a future pharaoh of Egypt), Maya (Tutankhamen’s treasurer) and Tia (Rameses II’s sister).
  • New Kingdom tombs of Maia (Tutankhamen’s wet-nurse) and Nemtymes (a high official)
  • Old Kingdom tomb of Royal Manicurists Niankhkhnum and Khnumhotep (one tomb)
  • Old Kingdom tombs of wild officials of the Pyramid Age Ti and Ptahhotep
  • Serapeum (bull catacombs)
Day 3

Today we are privileged to enjoy special access to the 4th dynasty pyramid at Abu Roash, which has been quarried since Roman times. We discover the 5th dynasty pyramids at Abusir, as well as the unique sun temple at Abu Ghurab, which is rare in that it was solely intended to honour the God Ra. 

Day 4

We fly to Aswan, at the southern border of ancient Egypt. We will also visit the Nubian Museum, which is surrounded by a Natural Botanical Garden and contains a large variety of Egyptian flora.

Day 5

It may be a steep climb, but, at the top, the Old and Middle Kingdom tombs of the nobles are spread before us at Qubbet el-Hawa, overlooking Kitchener's Island. This is the home of the famous Aswan Botanical Garden, boasting vast collections of rare sub-tropical species, which was founded by Lord Kitchener. We continue to one of the richest archaeological sites in Egypt, Elephantine Island. Here we travel back to the very beginnings of Pharaonic history, taking in temples to the ram-headed god Khnum, and his consort, Satet.

Day 6

Continuing our immersion in Aswan’s granite cataract region, we move on to Sehel Island where we marvel at rock-cut inscriptions including the famous ‘Famine Stela’ inscription, written in hieroglyphs. Next, in contrast to Pharaonic archaeology, we traverse the desert to the 7th century St. Simeon’s monastery, one of Egypt's best-preserved Coptic monasteries.

Day 7

Our second boat trip of this tour takes us not on the Nile, but to Lake Nasser, for New Kalabsha Island. Several of the temples here have been moved and re-erected to save them from being lost forever under the lake. We also visit the 'jewel of the Nile', the famed temple of Isis at Philae, and the 'Unfinished Obelisk', thought to date to the reign of the female pharaoh, Hatshepsut.

Day 8

Today is a real thrill for Egyptophiles - we explore the important and most unusual tomb of Ankhtify at Mo’alla, from the first intermediate period, which tells the story of how ancient citizens were ravaged by famine. Evidence of ancient quarrying and a host of small rock-cut shrines are revealed to us at the sandstone quarries of Gebel el-Silsila.

Day 9

Another chance for us to escape the crowds arises at Karnak Temple, where we are guided round areas that are quite 'off the beaten track' and we also have the chance to visit the Open Air Museum. Next, we view the Mosque of Abu el-Haggag, built on top of Luxor Temple using Pharaonic blocks, now visible as a result of a fire in the mosque.

Day 10

Prepare for a breathtaking experience as we visit Nefertari’s Tomb in the Valley of the Queens. We will also visit a further three colourful tombs in the Valley of the Queens - those of another queen and two princes. The colours on the walls remain as vivid and arresting as the day they were painted. We progress to the Valley of the Kings, on the way we discover Howard Carter’s House. This was, of course, his base when he excavated Tutankhamun’s tomb and we have the opportunity to view a replica of his tomb, created by Factum Arte.

Day 11

Today is reserved for 'the jewels of the desert cliffs' - again, the clarity of hue and detail is nothing short of remarkable here at the Tombs of the Nobles. We continue on to the Temple of Hatshepsut at Deir el-Bahri.

Day 12

We transfer to the airports for flights home to London.

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