Professor Gary Lock

Professor Gary Lock

Gary Lock is Emeritus Professor of Archaeology at Oxford University and has taught prehistoric archaeology for many years. He is primarily interested in Iron Age hillforts, and their wider landscape context. He began his career with excavations at the site of Danebury, and went on to excavate hillforts along the southern England Ridgeway at Uffington Castle, Segsbury Camp and Alfred’s Castle. His most recent fieldwork project is the excavation of a hillfort in the Clwydian Mountains of Wales, while he continues to work towards the publication of an “Atlas of Hillforts” as part of a project with the Universities of Cork and Edinburgh.

Gary’s publications include:

Lock, G., Spicer, R. and Hollins, W. 2013. Two Early Bronze Age barrows in North Staffordshire: excavations at King’s Low and Queen’s Low. Oxford: Archaeopress.

Lock, G. & Faustoferri, A. (eds.) 2008. Archaeology and landscape: papers in memory of J. A. Lloyd. Oxford: School of Archaeology Monograph 69.

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Lock, G. Gosden, C. and Daly, P. 2005. Segsbury Camp. Excavations in 1996 and 1997 at an Iron Age hillfort on the Oxfordshire Ridgeway. Oxford: School of Archaeology.