Dr Stephen Lekson

Dr Stephen Lekson

Dr Stephen H. Lekson is Curator of Archaeology and Professor of Anthropology at the Museum of Natural History, University of Colorado, Boulder. He has directed more than 20 archaeological projects in the Southwestern USA, working on a wide range of sites across the region. Steve is particularly interested in the domestic and household archaeology of this region, and in tracing possible migrations around and through this harshly beautiful landscape.

Steve’s publications include:

Lekson, S. H. 2009. A History of the Ancient Southwest. SAR Press, Santa Fe.

Lekson, S. H. (ed.) 2007. The Architecture of Chaco Canyon. University of Utah Press, Salt Lake City.

Lekson, S.H. 2006. Archaeology of the Mimbres Region, Southwestern New Mexico, U.S.A. British Archaeological Reports, International Series 1466, Oxford.

And you can read Steve’s blog online here