Dr Dirk Booms

Dr Dirk Booms

Dr Dirk Booms is Curator of Roman Archaeology at the British Museum. He is particularly interested in architecture and Classical sculpture, and has excavated for many years across the Roman world, from Belgium to Tunisia. Dirk has most recently been involved in the excavation and partial reconstruction of Villa Magna, the luxurious villa retreat of emperor Marcus Aurelius. He is particularly interested in exploring the realities of life within Imperial villa complexes, from the intricacies of their construction to the privacy afforded their owners.

Dirk’s recent publications include:

Booms, D., Crerar, B., and Raikes, S. 2013. Roman Empire: Power and People. London: British Museum Press.

Booms, D. 2011. Problematizing Privacy at Roman Imperial Villas. In Fenwick, C., K. Lafrenz Samuels, D. Totten (eds.) Roman Spaces, Heritage Traces: Past and Present Roman Place-making. Journal of Roman Archaeology Supplementary Series, 81-92.

Booms, D. 2010. The vernae Caprenses: Traces of Capri’s History after Tiberius. Papers of the British School at Rome 78: 133-143.