Professor Barry Burnham

Professor Barry Burnham

Professor Barry C Burnham is a specialist in the archaeology of Roman Wales and an Emeritus Professor of Archaeology at the University of Wales Trinity St David. His recent research has focused on the interaction between Roman and local groups in Wales, particularly during the early years of the conquest. Barry has undertaken extensive excavations at the Dolaucothi gold mines in Carmarthenshire and on the nearby Roman fort at Pumsaint.

Barry’s publications include:

Burnham, B.C. and J. L. Davies (eds.) 2010. Roman Frontiers in Wales and the Marches. Aberystwyth: Royal Commission on the Ancient & Historical Monuments of Wales.

Burnham, B.C. and Burnham, H.B. 2004. Dolaucothi-Pumsaint: Survey and Excavations at a Roman Gold-Mining Complex, 1987-1999. Oxford: Oxbow.

Burnham, B.C. and Wacher, J. 1990. The 'Small Towns' of Roman Britain. Los Angeles: University of California Press.