Professor Alastair Small

Professor Alastair Small

Alastair Small is an Emeritus Professor of Classics at the University of Alberta, Canada, and since 1998 has been an Honorary Professorial Fellow in Classics at the University of Edinburgh. Before leaving Canada he lectured regularly for the Archaeological Institute of America, and he was the Institute's Treccani Lecturer in 1990/1. He specializes in the archaeology of Southern Italy during the Iron Age and Roman periods. Alastair began his research career investigating the influence of Greek styles on local pottery in Apulia, and has continued to explore the interaction between these two communities in Magna Graecia and the impact of Roman conquest on them as expressed through changes to settlement patterns and landscape use. From 2000-2010 he directed an international program of excavation and study in a Roman village at Vagnari near Gravina which formed part of an estate of the Roman emperor. He is now involved in publishing the results of several other projects in South Italy.

Alastair’s recent publications include:

Small, A. 2013. Southern Italy. In C. Smith. (ed.) The Cambridge Ancient History. Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 117-155.

Small, A. (ed.) 2011. Vagnari. Il villaggio, l’artigianato, la proprietà imperiale/ Vagnari. The village, the industries, the imperial property. Bari , Edipuglia.

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