Tony O'Connor

Tony O'Connor

Tony O’Connor is a specialist in the Roman Empire, who has excavated widely across Britain, Europe and North Africa. He is particularly passionate about Roman North Africa, having excavated in Libya for many years. Tony is also deeply interested in the study of Roman coinage, and in numismatics more widely, and is able to use his skills in coin analysis in his role as a museum archaeologist.

Travel with Tony

Tony led his first tour for Andante very successfully 10 years ago, and he just gets better and better!:

“Best Andante guide I’ve been with. Pointed out unusual things I’d never have noticed. Coped effortlessly with group’s differing levels of knowledge - said just the right amount, not too much.” (Libya 2009)

“Tony is always a delight to travel with. Always good humoured and unruffled, and very engaging company. He’s always willing to socialise with the group. Aside from all that, he’s also very knowledgeable and well-informed about the sites (very up-to-date, which is particularly admirable)”. (Egypt 2009)

“Outstanding ability overall, flexible and responsive to both the individual and group needs. Able to maintain high level of teaching/imparting knowledge specific to each site historically and archaeologically.” (Provence 2009)