Dr Mike Bishop

Dr Mike Bishop

Dr Mike Bishop specializes in the study of the Roman army. His career has included post-excavation work at various sites on Hadrian's Wall and directing excavations as a commercial field archaeologist. Mike is an Honorary Lecturer at the University of St Andrews and editor of the 'Journal of Roman Military Equipment Studies'.

Mike's publications include:

Bishop, M. 1988. Cavalry equipment of the Roman army in the first century A.D. In J.C. Coulston (ed.) Military Equipment and the Identity of Roman Soldiers. Proceedings of the Fourth Roman Military Equipment Conference, BAR International Series 394, Oxford, 67-195.

Bishop, M. and Coulston, J. 1994. Roman Military Equipment from the Punic Wars to the Fall of Rome, Batsford, London.

Bishop, M. 1994. Corstopitum. An Edwardian Excavation, English Heritage, London.

Bishop, M. 1996. Finds from Roman Aldborough. A Catalogue of Small Finds from the Romano-British Town ofIsurium Brigantum, Oxbow Monograph 65, Oxford.