Dr Paul Bahn

Dr Paul Bahn

Dr Paul Bahn is the leading expert on prehistoric rock art worldwide, and is certainly one of our best-known archaeologists. Paul led the team which discovered the first Ice Age cave art in Britain in 2003. He is not only a leading academic but a great exponent of popular and accessible archaeology, and he has been leading tours for Andante Travels since 2000, inspiring and enthusing our travellers in the famous caves of France and Spain, in open-air rock shelters in Portugal, and in Chile and Easter Island. His most recent publication, Images of the Ice Age, was awarded Book of the Year in the Current Archaeology Awards.

Paul’s publications include:

Bahn, P. 2007. Cave Art - a guide to the decorated Ice Age Caves. London: Frances Lincoln.

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Bahn, P. and Pettitt, P. 2009. Britain’s Oldest Art. The Ice Age Cave Art of Creswell Crags. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Bahn, P. 2016. Images of the Ice Age. Oxford: Oxford University Press.