Professor Nicholas Vella

Professor Nicholas Vella

Professor Nicholas Vella is Senior Lecturer and Head of the Department of Classics & Archaeology at the University of Malta. He is a specialist in the archaeology of the Phoenicians, and is particularly interested in their religious beliefs and ritual practices. His roles as a supervisor of excavations at the Phoenician sanctuary site of Tas-Silg and co-director of the excavations of a Punic shrine on Gozo at Ghar ix-Xih have given him an intimate understanding of ritual behaviour in the Maltese archipelago during this fascinating period. Nick is currently directing excavations as part of the Zejtun Roman Villa excavation project.


Nick’s publications include:

Vella, N.C., Docter, R., Cutajar, N., Bonanno, A. & Pace, A. 2012. Rural Malta: First Results of the Joint Belgo-Maltese Survey Project. Bulletin Antieke Beschaving 87: 107-149.

Vella, N.C. and Tanasi, D. (eds.) 2011. Site, Artefacts, Landscape: Prehistoric Borg in-Nadur, Malta. Monza: Polimetrica.

Vella, N.C. and Gilkes, O. 2001. The Lure of the Antique: Nationalism, Politics and Archaeology in British Malta (1880-1964). Papers of the British School of Rome 69: 353-384.