Dr Julian Bennett

Dr Julian Bennett

Dr Julian Bennett lives and works in Ankara, where he is Assistant Professor in the Department of Archaeology at Bilkent University. After several years of active archaeology in Britain and Germany, Julian served as a Field Officer and Excavations Director for English Heritage before embarking on a career as a guide lecturer for a New York travel company for ten years, after which he took up his present position at Bilkent University. Although he teaches classes on all periods of Turkish archaeology, he is particularly interested in the art and architecture of the Roman Empire, as well as the architecture of the Eastern Roman Empire in the Late Antique and Early Medieval periods. Julian is also deeply interested in the Roman Army, particularly the auxiliary units of common soldiers and their deployment across the Empire, a subject on which he has published extensively.

Julian's recent publications include:

Bennett, J., 2013. Agricultural Strategies and the Roman Military in Central Anatolia during the Early Imperial Period. Olba 21, 315-344.

Bennett, J. 2012. The Garrison of Cilicia during the Principate. Adalya 15, 115-128.

Bennett, J. 2011. The Regular Roman Auxiliary Units raised from the Provinces of Asia Minor. Anatolica 37, 251-274.

Bennett, J. 2010. Mummies for export? The Repatriation of a corpse from Alexandria to Ancyra in the Roman Imperial Period. The Journal of Egyptian Archaeology 96, 10-13.

Bennett, J. 2009. The Cohortes Augustae Cyrenaicae. Journal of African Archaeology 7, 107-121