Chile & Easter Island20th Mar 2024

Chile & Easter Island



This is an adventure indeed - travelling across the globe with an international expert to see some of the most enigmatic rock art in the world, situated in vast and often remote landscapes. Doing so involves travelling down the coast of northern Chile and into the Atacama desert, before flying over the Pacific to a tiny speck of land - the iconic Easter Island. We shall be discovering places seldom visited, which our ancestors chose to decorate with huge earth pictures and complex rock art. Some of the sites we see are simply extraordinary - their gigantic scale makes us ask why and for whom such things were created.


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    What to Expect

    • Discover extraordinary geoglyphs and petroglyphs amid unforgettable lunar-like landscapes
    • Explore Easter Island, the most remote piece of land inhabited on the planet, and visit a range of sites where the enigmatic moai can be seen in situ
    • Visit a range of fascinating regional museums, which include exhibits on shrinking heads, wooden carvings and the famous Chinchorro mummies, in a variety of locations
    • Traverse the striking Atacama Desert, declared the world’s driest by NASA after a series of in-depth studies
    Elephant, Tarangire National Park

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    Heathrow day 100:00

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    Day by Day Itinerary

    Enjoy access to the airport Executive lounge for complimentary meals and drinks before we fly from London to Kilimanjaro, Tanzania on our overnight flight.

    Giraffe & Mount Kilimanjaro

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