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Roman St Albans



The ancient city of Verulamium grew from an Iron Age settlement, or oppidum, to become a prosperous Roman provincial town.

Destroyed by Boudica in the 1st century AD, it recovered to become a significant Roman town, complete with theatre, forum and basilica. Parts of the city walls still stand and a hypocaust hints at the luxurious lifestyles enjoyed by wealthy Romano-British citizens.

St Albans

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What to Expect

  • Guided tour of the Verulamium Museum along with a visit to the museum’s stores with curator David Thorold, to see some of the published material from the Wheeler collection along material from the Wheeler collection along with other artefacts
  • Visit to the Roman theatre, which is the best preserved example of its kind in Britain, and also to the Roman town house, which boasts a famous hypocaust and hypocaust mosaic

Day by Day Itinerary

11.00 Meet at the Verulamium Museum St Albans. Tea and coffee then an introductory lecture on the day, there will also be a guided tour of the Museum, taking in some Roman highlights – including the rare semi-circular design of the Shell Mosaic and the Bronze statue Verulamium Venus. A visit to the Museum stores with Museum Curator, David Thorold, to see some of the published material from the Wheeler collection, plus other artefacts from Verulamium not currently on display.

13.45 A light lunch will be provided.

14.30 A visit to the theatre – the best preserved Roman theatre in Britain! We will walk through the Park to see the Roman Town House, with its famous hypocaust and hypocaust mosaic, unearthed by Wheeler in the 1930s. We’ll also take in the late Roman walls, still visible in the park.

16.30 Finish.

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