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Arthur and Alfred are two of Britain's most iconic kings. They share many things in common: both are seen as saviours and unifiers of the nation, both have a reputation for piety, and both have no known grave... Curiously while the semi-mythical Arthur's fame has risen to sharply. We shall explore why this has happened, how the myths surrounding the two grew up and how they have intertwined and influenced each other over the ages. There is no better place to do this than Winchester, Alfred's capital and according to Thomas Malory, Arthur's Camelot, and still possessor of a "round table".

Tour highlights:

  • Andy Fear - Lecturer in classics at Manchester University. He has published on both the Classics world and the dark ages.
  • Visit the key parts of Winchester associated with Arthur and Alfred including The Great Hall and the Medieval Round Table
  • Behind the scenes at Winchester stores

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Dr Andy Fear

Andante Guide Lecturer

Dr Andrew Fear is Lecturer in Classics at the University of Manchester.

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Winchester City centre High Street
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13 August 2022 AXAA220813 13 August 2022 (Saturday) Dr Andy Fear £175
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1 October 2022 AXAA221001 1 October 2022 (Saturday) Dr Andy Fear £175
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