Inside Stonehenge in the Morning - Secrets of the Stones


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We are used to seeing Stonehenge only from a distance - a familiar, austere presence on the horizon. This Study Day provides a rare opportunity to walk inside the great stones settings, a privileged encounter with this iconic monument which has graced the British landscape for over 4,000 years.

Stonehenge stands at the heart of a landscape rich in Neolithic and Bronze Age remains which, along with nearby Avebury, form part of a World Heritage Site. The brand new visitor centre has a much-acclaimed display area, and has transformed the setting of the monument.

We walk the Stonehenge cursus, the magnificent round barrows on King Barrow Ridge and trace the Avenue - the original approach to Stonehenge. Further ‘henge’ complexes at Woodhenge and Durrington Walls are close by, where recent excavations have provided exciting new evidence about the builders of Stonehenge and new theories recording the nature and function of the stones and their landscape.

"Seeing Stonehenge before the crowds. Mark Corney's description of the surrounding landscape, which put the "stones" in context. Then at the Kings Museum Salisbury being able to actually handle artifacts (Flint hand axes) which were probably at least 400,000 years old!" – Guest comment.

Tour highlights:

  • Visit inside the Stonehenge Circle
  • ‘Behind the Scenes’ at the Salisbury Museum
  • Explore one of the richest prehistoric landscapes in Europe
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