Life and Death in Middle Kingdom Egypt at Manchester


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The Middle Kingdom town of Kahun (Senwosret is Satisfied) is a remarkable purpose built settlement created to house the community of priests and workers who serviced the nearby pyramid Senwosrett II. The excavations of Flinders Petrie in 1889- 90 produced an unprecedented range of objects relating to the daily activities of ordinary Egyptians living ordinary lives at this extraordinary site.

The Manchester Museum is fortunate in having the finest collection of objects from Kahun.They also have the intact tomb belonging to the ‘Two Brothers’.
We will spend the day with Egyptology experts Dr Campbell Price and Dr Joyce Tyldesley using archaeological, scientific and other evidence to explore the lives of the men and women who lived, worked and died in Middle Kingdom Egypt.

The Museum is currently closed for a refurbishment so our handling sessions and lectures will take place in The University of Manchester, Oxford Road M13 9PL IN THE Knowles Committee room. The Whitworth building by the Queens Arch.

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