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The archaeology of hidden Berlin

This innovative tour of Berlin leaves the normal tourist trail far behind, offering fascinating sites discovered by two experienced Andante Guide Lecturers with their in-depth knowledge of the city they have inhabited for a total of 50 years. You will be taken to rarely visited places, dating to pivotal moments of the city’s turbulent history. The narrative of Berlin’s pre-20th century history will be woven together with intriguing sites, including Slavic defences, medieval houses, island fortresses, and revolutionary industrial architecture. Examining Berlin’s tumultuous World War and Cold War history, we venture to a forgotten subterranean city lost to others - a sector of the city unchanged and authentic. “Built, Destroyed, Renewed” are the words written on a plaque commemorating one of Berlin’s most historical bridges, encapsulating the city’s 20th century biography. Pursuit of this dramatic story will take you off the beaten track, from the top of Berlin’s highest hill, to bunkers deep below ground. Stand in secret military communications’ nerve centres where orders that changed the course of world history were relayed (and intercepted), and be taken to the doorsteps of the homes of key historical personalities of the Nazi and communist regimes. Explore Berlin’s perpetually changing perception of itself by visiting its ever-changing historical architecture, which has been repurposed over time.

Tour highlights:

  • Experience Spandau and its fortifications dating from the 10th to the 19th centuries, barracks and the site of Hess’ former prison
  • Visit the Wehrmacht’s central communications’ bunker complexes at Wünsdorf/Zossen, and gain insight into how they were augmented by the Soviet military
  • Examine the hidden woodland homes of two notorious politicians, Goebbels and Erich Honecker
  • Explore multiple repurposed WWII bunkers and the Nazi built airport at Tempelhof
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  • Expert Guide Lecturer
  • Local travel aboard a private air-conditioned coach
  • Meals as per the itinerary, tea or coffee with dinner
  • Accommodation
  • Entries to all sites as per the itinerary
  • All taxes & gratuities
  • Field notes
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