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Discover imperial cities by bullet train

On the far side of the world, the closed society of pre-19th century Japan was the last major civilisation to engage with the rest of the world. Nevertheless, Japanese culture and history have had an extraordinary influence on the progress of the modern world. The archaeological sites of Japan are still difficult to visit, especially as an independent traveller. We are lucky to have an expert in Japanese archaeology leading this tour, giving us access to remarkable monuments from the fiery ceramics of the Jomon Neolithic to temples and Shoguns’ castles. We traverse the astonishingly diverse landscapes in search of the unique archaeology, history and culture of Japan.

Tour highlights:

  • A comprehensive itinerary taking you way beyond the ‘T-shirt tour’ to discover a deeper understanding of Japan’s enthralling history and unique culture
  • Pay a visit to the sobering Atomic Bomb Museum in Nagasaki
  • Remarkable monuments - Jomon Neolithic to temples and castles
  • See the world-famous Itsukushima Shrine and its iconic “floating” gate on Miyajima Island
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Included in your cost:

  • Expert Guide Lecturer
  • Professional Tour Manager
  • Local travel aboard a private air-conditioned coach
  • Meals as per the itinerary, tea or coffee with dinner
  • Accommodation
  • All taxes & gratuities
  • Field notes
  • Five journeys by bullet train, 3 journeys by express train & luggage transfers
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