Magna Carta (Photo by Ash Mills)
Magna Carta (Photo by Ash Mills)

Andante's Christmas Gift Guide - Books

29 November 2021

If you're starting to think about Christmas shopping, we have a few book recommendations that may delight any ancient-world enthusiast. Read on to discover our top picks for the holidays. …

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Sex & Death in Pompeii

25 October 2021

Pompeii is a fascinating destination to visit for a number of reasons, but there's nothing quite like exploring this sprawling site in the company of an expert guide as there are so many stories to uncover. Our very own Dr Eireann Marshall is no stranger to Pompeii and she has…

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5 Things You Didn't Know About Pompeii's Human Remains

19 October 2021

Perhaps the most exciting discoveries are the most gruesome. The new excavations in Pompeii have revealed more bodies than have been found in decades and have done so just when modern technologies have developed, which allows us to study the lives of individuals through their skeletal remains.

What makes…

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Our 2nd Edition Brochure For 2022/23 Is Here

16 September 2021

We are delighted to announce that our second edition brochure for 2022/23 is finally here. Featuring some fantastic special offers for early bookers, tours with zero single supplement spaces and a few new destinations, we're particularly excited about this offering as we make our way through the rest of 2021.…

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Four Ways To Do Pompeii

27 August 2021

Pompeii is a destination that's always changing and often in the news. There are either new sites opening up or new discoveries being made, and we always find something to grab our interest each time we take tour groups there. 

Whether you've always wanted to wander Pompeii's ancient streets, following…

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The Best Ancient Amphitheaters & Theatres To Visit

23 June 2021

If you're fascinated by archaeology and history, you'll probably know that visiting an ancient amphitheatre is an incredible experience – there's nothing quite like standing in the very spot that once played host to chariot races and gruesome gladiatorial battles. To help inspire your next ancient world adventure, we've rounded…

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The Secret of Petra by Nick Jackson

25 May 2021

There is no more fitting a finale to an Andante Jordan tour than arriving at sunset ready to explore Petra. Despite the fact all guests are familiar with images of some of what they will experience the next day (and the one after that), the sheer majesty and mystery of…

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New Tours In Familiar Destinations For 2022

10 May 2021

Now that overseas holidays have once again been given the green light as we cautiously return to travel abroad, it might be easier to overlook a staycation. 

However, we are delighted to share that we have nine brand new UK tours on offer for 2022, which feature in our newly…

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8 Reasons To Choose Andante Travels

12 March 2021

Travel is finally on the horizon for 2021 and we can't wait to get back out there into the ancient world with you. After almost a year spent at home, travelling the world via books and our television sets, it's time to start thinking about where you want to visit…

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