Magna Carta (Photo by Ash Mills)
Magna Carta (Photo by Ash Mills)

7 Spooky Sites For Halloween

26 October 2020

To mark the arrival of Halloween 2020, we've rounded up some of the most spooky, unsettling and curious sites visited on Andante Travels tours. From witch marks found etched inside of caves to ancient ball courts where the game's losers made the ultimate sacrifice, take a look at the list…

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Oberammergau 2022

16 October 2020

The legendary play created from the desperation of a deadly plague saw its almost 400-year history disrupted by a modern-day pandemic, but it will return in 2022 and we have just launched a series of exciting tour itineraries.

Germany’s Oberammergau Passion Play was first staged in 1634, a year after…

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The Phoenicians by Dr Eireann Marshall

12 October 2020

There are few people who have been more influential to Western Europe culture than the Phoenicians, though this is so little recognised. Famous for their seafaring and for their manufacturing of goods, Phoenicians were fundamentally important to the development to Greek culture, something which Herodotus readily admits to. Yet they…

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Death on the Nile

8 October 2020

On December 18th, the exciting new Death on the Nile film will be released. The movie has an impressive cast, including Kenneth Branagh, Gal Gadot, Sophie Okonedo, Dawn French, Jennifer Saunders and Annette Bening. As you’ll know, the movie is based on the 1937 novel of the same name by…

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How to Make Bread

5 October 2020

...the ancient way! If you're looking to add another string to your bow while outdoor activities are still somewhat limited, why not try your hand at bread-making? Perhaps, like some of us here in the Andante office, you've mastered a sourdough starter and have baked a few delicious loaves, and…

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Travel in this new 'Rule of Six' era

1 October 2020

As you'll know, in order to try and slow the transmission rate of COVID-19 it is no longer be permitted for more than six people to gather socially. If you are already booked on a UK-based Andante Travels tour that is depart in the next couple of months, or you…

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Rediscovering Pompeii

24 September 2020

From a hotly-debated eruption date to the grisly fates of citizens, Pompeii is telling new tales
By Dr Eireann Marshall, expert guide lecturer for Andante Travels

It’s hard to forget how depressing Pompeii and Herculaneum were just a short while ago. I remember taking a group around Pompeii in 2010, shortly…

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Ease back into travel with one of our best-selling tours

17 September 2020

We are delighted to unveil our brand new mini-brochure that showcases our best-selling tours, which are ready and waiting to welcome you back to the world of travel with departures on offer throughout 2021. 

Exploring the world in this new era of travel can be daunting, but we would like…

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Introducing Independent & Self-Drive Tour Options

10 September 2020

These unprecedented times might have you rethinking the way you would like to travel. And, whilst we have put together an unbeatable package of measures to keep you safe on an Andante tour – from sourcing COVID-19 insurance to enhanced health and safety protocols, and from socially distanced transportation to…

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Kickstart 2021 With A Tour To Remember

4 September 2020

If you've decided to wait until 2021 to get back to travelling, you're in for a treat because we have a vast array of memorable archaeological adventures that are available for the first three months of the new year. 

The world is starting to open up again and exploring exciting…

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