Magna Carta (Photo by Ash Mills)
Magna Carta (Photo by Ash Mills)

£0 deposit* on all 2020 holidays!

1 July 2020

As we begin to emerge from lockdown, many of us will be thinking about getting away in 2020. But naturally, question marks remain about whether it will be possible and safe to travel. Here at Andante Travels we understand the dilemma, and we’ve introduced three initiatives designed to minimise risk.…

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The Great Cathedrals of the Southwest by Dr Emma J. Wells

22 June 2020

Even in the modern age of towering skyscrapers, the leviathan stone structures of Salisbury, Wells and Winchester cathedrals, are as awe-inspiring as they were to the very first worshippers who entered their holy doors. With this unique tour of the cathedrals of the southwest, you can marvel at their greatest,…

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Top 10 Historic & Archaeological Sites to Visit in the UK

15 June 2020

Now that travel restrictions are slowly starting to ease, you might be thinking about your next holiday and how far from home you're willing to travel. If you'd rather just dip your toe in the proverbial water with a short break that doesn't leave the country, you're in luck. We…

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Royal Mail Launches Set Of Ancient Britain Stamps

9 June 2020

The Royal Mail has unveiled a brand new collection of picture stamps in collaboration with the British Museum, which celebrate ancient Britain.

They are set to go on sale from next Thursday (June 18th) and they depict an array of scenes, from sites such as Hadrian's Wall to specific artefacts…

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New 2021 UK Short Breaks From Just £495pp

3 June 2020

With more of us considering domestic travel as the nationwide lockdown rules begin to ease, we have unveiled a fascinating selection of UK-based short breaks that showcase the wealth of history and archaeology just waiting to be explored on our collective doorstep.

New for 2021, these three and four-day guided…

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Finishing the Circle

26 May 2020

Mud Brick archaeological sites are by their nature dusty places. However, they are rarely rocky and nearly always built in places with low rainfall so rarely wet, meaning fills are often loose, dry and easy to remove.

All good things for the archaeologist.…

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Roger Harrison on Saudi Arabia

26 May 2020

Jeddah, a bustling modern city and commercial hub, often called “The Bride of the Red Sea” has been an important city to civilisation in the Arabian Peninsula for 1500 years or so.

The second largest city in Saudi Arabia, with a population, and estimates vary widely, of nearly three million…

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