Four Ways To Do Pompeii

Pompeii is a destination that's always changing and often in the news. There are either new sites opening up or new discoveries being made, and we always find something to grab our interest each time we take tour groups there. 

Whether you've always wanted to wander Pompeii's ancient streets, following in the footsteps of its ill-fated citizens, or you've been before and simply must return – we can take you. What's more, you might be wondering which is the best site to spend time at, Pompeii or Herculaneum? If so, you don't need to choose because we have a total of four itineraries for 2022 that include a visit to the incredible and haunting site of Pompeii as well as to Herculaneum, starting from just £1,635pp.

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Highlights of Pompeii | 5 days from £1,635pp

This shorter break at just five days offers an unbeatable introduction to ordinary Roman life. During our day in Pompeii, we visit elite domus, industrial sites, bars serving ancient fast food, bakeries, and monumental public buildings such as baths and theatres, all the while travelling by the best routes to avoid the crowd. We will also explore the villa at Oplontis, owned by the family of Nero's wife and home to stunningly preserved frescoes that were being refurbished at the time of the eruption; visit Naples' fabulous Archaeological Museum, where extraordinary finds from the local area can be observed; and discover the neighbouring ancient town of Herculaneum.

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Romans on the Bay of Naples | 8 days from £2,545pp

The extraordinary Roman sites in the Bay of Naples have undergone an incredible regeneration in recent years and our tour offers a fresh take of Romans in the Bay of Naples, taking into consideration its new discoveries and sites, and offering an up-to-date examination of this prosperous and beautiful part of the ancient world. There has never been a better time to visit the towns in the shadow of Vesuvius with the advantage of it being a less crowded time of year. This tour has no single supplement. We enjoy a private visit to the Villa Augustea in Somma Vesuviana, a visit to the newly opened Museum at Terzigno, a tour of the newly opened Roman Villa at Positano and time to explore the newly opened Regio V in Pompeii.

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Grand Tour of Southern Italy | 15 days from £5,525pp

This brand new 15-day itinerary offers a journey of a lifetime for those who have always wanted to travel in the footsteps of the Grand Tourist as well as those who would like to return. There will be an entire day devoted to the site of Pompeii as well as an afternoon in the nearby town of Herculaneum, a beautiful coastal city buried beneath 23 metres of pyroclastic flow that have allowed it to be preserved in much greater detail than Pompeii.

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Pompeii, Herculaneum & Classical Campania | 8 days from £2,305

Why not treat yourself to one of our best-selling tours? Join us as an expert Guide Lecturer will bring to life the ordinary people of Pompeii, Herculaneum and beyond on this fascinating tour of Pompeii and Herculaneum. This is an exciting time for visitors to these Vesuvian towns, as new discoveries are constantly being made, and new houses constantly opened up. Highlights include private visits to the store rooms at Paestum Museum, the Theatre of Herculaneum and the Cave of Sejanus.

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Four Ways To Do Pompeii was published on 27 August 2021