From its UNESCO-listed historic centre to its dramatic medieval castles, and from its charming villages to its small size, Luxembourg is a true delight to visit. In its capital, Luxembourg City, you will find cutting edge architecture and modern buildings sitting alongside historic monuments. In the Moselle region, you’ll be enchanted by wineries and scenery that winds along its river. And, if it’s nature you’re after, be sure to explore The Ardennes and the Upper Sûre.

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British citizens planning a trip under 90 days to Luxembourg will not require a visa. U.S. citizens also don’t need a visa when staying as a tourist for under 90 days.


The official currency of Luxembourg is the Euro.

Packing advice:

The perfect destination for a short break, Luxembourg has a fantastic mixture of city areas and rural spots, so pack accordingly – good walking shoes are always at the top of our list for recommended items.


The official languages of Luxembourg are Luxembourgish, French and German. You will find, however, that many people have a good level of English.

Cultural differences:

There aren’t many cultural differences to note.


Most restaurants will add a service charge to your bill, but people often tend to leave a few Euros on top of this. Tipping is expected in Luxembourg, so account for this when changing currencies.