New Archaeology Adventures in 2025

New Archaeology Adventures in 2025
We are delighted to share with you our new tours for 2025. We have been planning, improving and searching out the very best archaeology and travel experiences.

After Guide Lecturer, Dr Nicholas James shared his descriptions of the deep blue water, dramatic mountains and lush cloud forests surrounding Lake Atitlan, we have added two nights to our new and improved Guatemala, Honduras and Belize tour.

Encouraged by the thought of star-studded Arabian skies and rolling dunes, our Oman tour is now embellished by a trip to Wahiba Sands.

In Egypt, there are three new museums to enjoy. The Great Egyptian Museum, the Imhotep Museum at Saqqara and Greco Roman Museum in Alexandra, both recently opened after years of renovation work.

Rome has some new sites to discover too. Added to our programme next year is the Parco Archeologico del Celio which opened recently.

There is also good news if you have been looking for old favourites making a comeback – Albania, Bulgaria and Istanbul programmes are once more on offer with the three experts who know them best.

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