Roman Medicine and Healthcare at Bath

Roman Medicine and Healthcare at Bath


In addition to exploring the bathing complex, temple courtyard and hot spring this tour will take us through the museum to view the splendid Roman finds from Aquae Sulis and the surrounding area. Highlights include the Temple pediment, the Façade of the Four Seasons, Minerva`s head and the Haruspex stone.

A morning visit to Aquae Sulis will set the scene for an afternoon learning about the Roman approach to health and wellbeing – and what it can still teach us today. In addition to examining some aspects of Roman medical and surgical treatments consideration will be given to the broader focus on health in the classical world.

Ancient sites such as Bath were about developing a more holistic approach to care including an emphasis on the preservation of health as well as the treatment of disease. Alongside encouraging sensible eating, sufficient exercise and rest some Romans visiting Aquae Sulis might have been subject to dream healing, arts-type therapies, water treatments and awe walks.   


1 Day


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What to Expect

  • Guided tour and walk around the remains of Aquae Sulis.
  • Handle replica medical instruments.
  • Make and taste an indigestion remedy.

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